It's been three days since I last cried. I even feel like the sadness that was so apparent in my eyes is fading. Saturday I cried all day long while sitting on my back patio watching Dave work so hard in the yard. I was fearful that some sort of depression was setting in, but actually it might have just been a therapeutic cry day for me. A cleansing cry. The last day for my family to have to wonder...."is mommy going to be OK." I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I truly am feeling like my happy go lucky self more and more each day. But I will never forget. And my heart aches deep within my soul every time I hear of, or read about, another mother and family grieving the loss of a baby. But I am so grateful to be feeling pretty close to normal these last three days.

Three seems to be a lucky number in our house these days. It seemed that three's were all around me!

Three white rolled spa towels.

Three monogrammed soaps from PB.

Three dirty diapers. Seriously....who stacked them like that?

{maybe it was Dave thinking that if he stacked them pretty I would think they were decor and he wouldn't have to take them out!}

and last but definitely not least......

Three of my most favorite people....two of whom love their daddy SO much that they never give him any space on the couch to himself.

Cherish those days hubby. Cherish those days!

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  1. I love this post. The last picture made my heart go all fluttery.

    Thinkin about you.

  2. So glad to hear your feeling a bit like your old self! And that has got to be one of the sweetest pics ever!

  3. That last photos is so sweet!!

    Glad you have had 3 good days! I hope it sticks around. :)

  4. *hugs* *hugs* *hugs*
    3 hugs for you... enjoy your family. I'm so glad you are starting to feel like your normal self.

  5. Oh, the couch picture. OH OH OH. Too sweet. :) Crying IS therapeutic. Tear on, lady, tear on...until the smiles replace the tears.

  6. Awesome! The last picture made me teary. Beautiful!


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