Third Post Today.....What?!

After our prayer tonight, I'm pretty sure that Heavenly Father had second thoughts about giving us the chance to raise another one of his sweet babies.....but we are still hoping he has a sense of humor....we went into family prayer laughing. Dave has decided that he is writing up a contract for each family member {He is being the kids' agent} and whenever one of them is mentioned in the blog, they will get paid according to the contract. He compared the three of them to unpaid reality stars. This got us all laughing and although most every night is serious prayer....tonight it started with laughing which means one thing.....a rhyming prayer from daddy. Tonight it went like this....

Dear Heavenly Father,

We are thankful for today. We are thankful for hay and that we can pray. We are thankful that we can giggle.....{long pause}....and that hopefully tomorrow we can watch the Wiggles.

We are thankful that Kaia and Blake can be paid and won't be exploited by their mother anymore. Hallelujah.

We bless that everyone can kneel (Blake was laying down and usually Dave will use prayer time to help remind the children that they should kneel and close their eyes....but hello we were laughing so hard I was crying and Blake almost pee'd his pants....which is a joke in and of itself!) and be f'real...{this is a brand of milkshakes we get from the gas station....they are so good.....so we were howling at this point} because when we are f'real....we are gay, and I mean happy not the other way.

Then he finished up prayer with a few serious lines blessing Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Jason with improved strength and health and blessed them that they might be able to giggle too because it feels good to laugh that hard as a family. And, he blessed us that we might have a good nights sleep. He says he is extra tired. Well no duh Dick Tracy...you slept on the couch last night with all the lights on.

And then they all said (well the kids at least)....go blog about it so that in 10 years we can laugh that hard again when we re-read it. So I did. And they aren't getting paid yet. There is no signed contract!

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  1. LOL that is hilarious! And I'm sure our Heavely Father enjoyed it too!


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