Out of the mouth of babes.....they usually make us smile and these sure did.

From Blake: Looking at our dining room table overflowing with cards, flowers and candy in astonishment...."We sure did get some nice things this last week!"

From Kaia: "Mommy, maybe this baby was growing with another disability and even though Heavenly Father knew you and daddy would be ok with that, He decided that he didn't want you to have that burden again."

And the one that made me laugh out loud and my sweet sister knew I would love it.....

From my 8 year old nephew Jack to my sister Jill: "Mommy, it is so sad that Auntie April's baby was cancelled."

'Cancelled'.....I said....like postponed. That is exactly what happened. I love when kids come up with their own interpretation. It reminds me of a story I need to share sometime about Kaia learning about the birds and the bees and referring to sex as "colliding"!

And from an adult male friend, who is a pharmacist and I value his opinion immensely, who had me rolling in laughter Friday evening.....

Him: "I am so glad you are choosing to have a D&C. How can you go wrong with something that has the same name as scripture? Maybe you could ask for a Pearl of Great Price while they are at it?"
Me: "If the Pearl of Great Price is a hernia repair....I'll totally go for it!" Why didn't you speak up when I asked for advice?"
Him: "Well since I don't have a cervix or uterus I figured I probably didn't have a right to chime in!"
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  1. Yep...the comment from your nephew and the pharmacist are too cute! So glad that you are beginning to feel better...my prayers are with you!

  2. That was such a sweet post. I love what Kaia said. Very wise. So perfect. And the other remarks had me muffling giggles in bed while Wes was sleeping. I think I need a Pearl of Great Price, too. I am just so glad that you have so much love and support!

  3. hope you're having a good monday :-)

  4. I just barely looked at my blog after 4 long months. Sorry to hear of your news. I have had three miscarriages and three D&C's, but I also have 6 beautiful children. Don't give up! Your baby will come down when he/she is ready and the time is right. I hope that is soon. You are in my thoughts.

  5. Sweet comments from Blake and Jack. Know that we love you guys and are still praying for you.


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