OVERHEARD....and another post today.

Kaia and Blake stayed home from school today. For no reason at all. Arrest me. I don't care. Actually Kaia has been fighting a cold for three weeks now and has horrible pressure between the ears. She cried last night while trying to go to sleep. Blake has been asking for a day off for awhile now and I thought....Wednesday, half day, why not. I even surprised them and let them sleep in.

Speaking of sleep....we have had two weird nights of sleep. I usually fall asleep on the couch in the evenings while Dave watches whatever shows he watches after mine are over at 10:00 p.m. We stay out in the family room until 11:00 or so...me sleeping...him watching. Well the last two nights we both haven't quite made it to bed. Last night being the worst. I decided at 10:30 I was going to bed since the night before we slept in clothes with lights on and T.V. until 3:30 am in the family room. But last night, Dave pulled an all-nighter sleeping on the couch fully dressed with lights on (and I even left our bedroom light dimmed for when he decided to come to bed). At 5:00 a.m he walked down the hall, turned off all the lights, took of his clothes and crawled into bed. I said, "Really...you are going to go through all this work, when your alarm is going off in 1 hour?" He laughed and said yes, and proceeded to snore in my ear for the next hour! I texted Dave today and asked him if we would please sleep WITH me tonight in our own bed with all the lights off. He texted back..."that would be nice." I didn't mention to him that I got the all "free and clear" from the vag doctor today that all looked well. {And yes, I did just say vag....I'm feeling spunky today...forgive me.}

But back to what I just overheard while my children were running around the couch chasing each other like wild indians...

Blake to Kaia....."Are your speed bumps getting bigger?"

Nothing like a little brother annoying and embarrassing the bigger sister! We all ended up roaring in laughter and shocked that Blake knew to call them "speed bumps"!

By the time I finished writing and fancifying this post....one is on the floor crying and the other yelling. Why does fun always end up with one hurt or crying?

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  1. Oh, I am so happy that your wonderful kids end up crying or hurt! That doesn't make me feel so bad. :) That's how mine always end up.

    Vag is totally acceptable in my book, but then again I've never been called "prim and proper" either. Well, I take that back. At work, they THOUGHT that's what I was....silly people.

  2. Ohhhh....I remember those days on the couch! We made a pact when we got married that we would never do that...we've been pretty darn good about it too, except for the occasional sickness and not wanting to wake the other up cause we knew how bad they felt!

    I never had a little brother, but that is exactly what I imagine when I think of having one! So darn funny!

  3. I am CRACKING up that you said vag and that Blake called Kaia's boobs speed bumps!

    YAY for surprise days off!

    Tomorrow we're on a planned day off. Here's hoping the baby sleeps in!


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