Loving this section of Target this morning. Soooo pretty.



  1. I almost caved and bought this stuff on Friday! I was good, and even went one step further and clued in the little Target guy I found that they had not unwrapped the items enough, and were potentially selling the binders, etc, as packs - so instead of $9.99 for one binder, people could scam them for that price for 4...I really wanted to be the scammer, but couldn't! About 5 minutes later I see 3 associates at the endcap frantically unwrapping all the paper goods. What a deal I missed out on, but my conscience is better for it, right?

  2. I saw these the other day and I thought of you!! How fun. I even thought about taking a picture a texting it to you.

  3. They were setting these up yesterday when I was there. So pretty. I think you should treat yourself!

  4. I was just at Target and you would not believe how different your picture above looks compared to the shelves now...they are so bare! You better get to buying your stuff quickly if you are wanting it! Glad you are feeling so much better.



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