....well not really, but I did marry into an Irish name which makes my kids part Irish!

When I married Dave I did not like corned beef + cabbage. Honestly, I had never even tried it. The name alone sounded yucky.

Then about 5 years ago I tried it......and Loved It!

For awhile we had a little tradition of having corned beef + cabbage on the 17th of EACH month. You know, for all the years I had missed out on it!

This morning a leprechaun didn't come visit our house...

but our cream cheese turned green...in a good way and the crock pot is full to the brim with corned beef + cabbage for dinner. YUM.

And a funny leprechaun/troll real life story for your sweet enjoyment that will have you laughing. Because sometimes if we don't laugh....we will cry.

{and today I feel on the brink of crying...so much I want to blog....so little time}

Dave was told this story yesterday by a friend and I re-tell it with sensitivity because people with special needs are involved, but being a part of that "special club" I feel I can tell it and you will see the sweet innocence of the story. I hope to not offend anyone and I hope that I have the story correct. It's a friend of a friend's story from the midwest and although might not be word for word, this is the gist of what happened.

Yesterday a mom got a call at work from her older son who has Down Syndrome. He was home alone and called his mom so proudly to tell her that he had caught a troll.

The mother told her son that was great but that she had to get back to work. Well the son called again and told his mom that he had caught a troll, was so excited and had locked him in the closet. After the third phone call, the mother decided that maybe she should just go home to check on her son.

When she arrived home there were a few police cars in front of her home. Come to find out, a US Census Worker going door to door, who happened to be a little person, found himself in a head lock by the boy with Down Syndrome who then locked the guy in the closet and was feeding him Skittles from under the door. The boy was so proud of himself to have actually caught a troll and was taking good care of him. The US Census worker had a cell phone on him and called for help.

Bless both their hearts. Hopefully they all had a good sense of humor.

And...here is a picture of what we are having for dinner tonight.


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  1. Yummy - looks good! What a good wife for that good husband you have! Enjoy!

  2. Ok, I seriously dislike corned beef but you make it look so good! And thank you for the story laugh now and the gum laugh earlier! Laughter is the best medicine!!


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