Friday Already.

I'm on the mend.
Both physically and emotionally.
Thanks to wonderful family and friends.
Wasted the week away on the couch.
Hoping it will pay off with a great recovery....with no infection or body feeling worn down.
I still have some intense cramping in the late evening.
Not sure why only in the evening....
but tylenol with codeine comes to my rescue
and puts me into a peaceful slumber for the night.
Driving to the beach tomorrow as a family.
Hoping it will be sunny.
Won't mind if it is chilly.
Just want it sunny.
Hate the thought of losing an hour of sleep this weekend.
Uuuughhh....hate that.
Love the thought of spending the weekend with some of my favorite people....
Dave, Kaia & Blake.
Love them.
Love you.
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  1. EW! i forgot all about losing an hour on sunday :-( guess i'll take a nap on sunday afternoon after church then! glad to hear that you're feeling better....have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Have a great weekend with you family! I've been dreading the time change...ugggghhhhh!

  3. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Enjoy the sunshine!

  4. Have a fabulous weekend and feel better, you deserve it!! You're still in my thoughts and prayers!


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