A Conversation with Hubs Worth Noting....

Last night, children were tucked nicely in their beds, hubs and I were snuggling on the couch watching Operation Repo. I wanted to make-out a little. I was feeling lovey-dovey and was feeling like I needed to feel a little loved too. Our convo went like this after I attempted to make-out with him and all I got was a quick smooch.....
Me: Hunny, can we make-out?
Hubs: Well {hesitating}, I'm not really in the mood to.
Me: Hunny, when we were dating....we ALWAYS made out. We couldn't sit on the couch next to each other without wanting to make-out.
Hubs: Well when we were dating, we were ALWAYS chewing gum.
Me: You are right. We probably chewed 5 different pieces a day. That must have been expensive.
Guess I had bad breath. Bummer. Tonight I can't wait to go cuddle with him on the couch while smacking my gum loudly, hoping for a little "like when we were dating" make-out sesh!
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  1. Love this - too cute and funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. LOL thats so funny!!! I LOVE operation repo! sometimes it drives me nuts but for some reason i cant stop watching it...

  3. So cute! Wes and I just come right out and say, "How about a little Listerine?" Haha!!

  4. I literally laughed out loud on this one! I have to agree with the hubby in part...gum is a friend to the "make-out" world!


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