To Ape.....Love, Dave

I love getting a card that mades me laugh out loud! Nothing mushy here on heart day {except for lots of hugs and kisses exchanged}. Just some good ol' fun. And let me tell you. As our bodies are aging and things are sagging and dropping, these cards are getting funnier and funnier for some reason!
Happy Heart Day!
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  1. I got the exact same card for Randi!

  2. Haha, this card is brilliant!! Laughter is one of the major things in my relationship that I'm so thankful for and is so important to us.


    I've just read the rest of your recent posts... and oh my goodness have I missed some big news or what??!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What exciting, happy news!! I can't wait to get home and watch the video (I have no sound here at work!)

    I hope you're feeling ok. Take care. Saskia xx


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