What a fun surprise to come home this afternoon to. I was part of Design Mom's pregnancy posts this Wednesday. She linked to our video announcing our pregnancy to our children. I responded to Gabby's email with:
"Gabby, I got chills. Thank you so much!!! I love everything about labor & delivery. What an honor to be part of your special Wednesdays! "

As Dave and I were sitting in the waiting room this morning for our first ob appointment I picked up the March issue of Better Homes & Garden and shared with Dave Gabby's exciting post about picking up that same issue for her reading material for her plane ride and turning the page in the Fresh section to see her picture.

Checking my daily blog reads today and seeing my link on her blog felt the exact same way!! What an exciting ending to a kind of bummer of a morning.

We got a sneak peak of the baby today. Blood work was ordered. The baby is only measuring 6 weeks not 9 weeks. There is a chance I could only be 6 weeks pregnant actually (yes, we kept a calendar of our "knowing" each other since I don't have a great history of regular menstrual cycles) so we are keeping our fingers crossed that blood work over the next couple of days comes back showing progression. If it does, that will be great. But it will mean that I have to repeat weeks 7, 8 and 9. Not fun. Especially since I thought I was close to being done with the first trimester. Instead, I'm only half way through....and spreading way too fast to only be 6 weeks pregnant...uuugh. I'll need to button my jeans back up and keep sucking in. Too soon to be showing! Ha! Prayers would be great right now for really being six weeks pregnant with a healthy baby growing instead of nine weeks with a baby not growing.


  1. congrats on the new little one!! i just found your blog via design mom. the last line on your video spoke right to me :)

  2. ((Hugs))

    You and your family are in my prayers!

  3. Sending healthy 6 week prayers your way!

  4. Sending prayers for new baby Kennedy! :)


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