....there really should be triplets growing in my stomach....I mean uterus {funny story for another day...remind me to share}!

When Kaia was little {2 years old}, we were building our house and living with my parents. Kaia would lay in her bed and talk. My mom and I would ask her who she was talking to and she would say 'Jesus'. She did this often. I had forgotten about it, but my mom just reminded me of this very sweet memory.

Why triplets then you ask? One day, while building the house, after Kaia had 'talked' with Jesus several times, Dave and I casually mentioned that we might not have any more children. Kaia spoke up quickly with a little anxiety and said, "But what about brother, sister, baby and sweetie?" 5 kids I thought....no way!

We got brother next. In her perfect order. So that means sister, baby and sweetie better all be in this batch!

I keep trying to claim that 'sister' is Kaia, and maybe this will be 'baby and sweetie' but my mom keeps reminding me how adamant Kaia was back then that she was already born and that sister is another baby. I know I am definitely not up for two more pregnancies!

With that thought....happy Friday!
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  1. OH my. Well given your history with pukiness I think you'd be a lot sicker and definitely unable to eat your daily BLT. (Seriously, how do you do it? When I had morning sickness even reading about a BLT would have had me over the toilet for the rest of the day. )

    Which means...sorry...2 more pregancies for you :D

    On the happy side, that's 2 more I can live vicariously through you. :D :D

    Benjamin predicted Gracie's arrival right before I got pregnant with her, so I do put some stock into toddler prophecy.

  2. that is so cute!! I have had dreams of twins several times & dan keeps saying twins are next. I really hope not. but for YOU twins would be awesome. triplets even better :) You've got 3 willing helpers, why not!? :)

  3. btw, I dreamt my kids & how they looked before they were born & they turned out just as I thought. So your baby boy may be on his way, chubby cheeks and all.

  4. Wow, I felt both times that I was having my boys. It will be interesting to see if Kaia is right again.


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