{looking for the giveaway....it's below this post}
{aprons will be going on etsy this week...I'm working on finishing five of them}

Need to get some business out of the way and since business is really no fun, I thought if I said it like 'bizness' it might make it more fun. Oh c'mon you know you just said it out loud!

A few changes will be happening here this month. All good! And I am excited for them. First you might have noticed that my url has changed up top there. Never fear though...this is the same 4kennedys with the same quirky updates of our family life, but I will be mixing business with pleasure here on this blog. Keeping you all up-to-date on my craftiness too with Funky Vintage Kitchen. In fact a new blog banner will be coming soon too with that title on it. But you can still reach me by typing in http://www.4kennedys.blogspot.com/ or you can use the new one. Either way you will be taken here to my personal/family blog with the old link.

See, I've been doing a bunch of reading and if I want to get my etsy business serious I need to be easy to find. Everything should point to my business name....so that is what I am doing. Hope you stay for the ride. I'm kind of excited for it. Plus I have some fun new Funky Vintage Kitchen items I will be letting you all know about FIRST!

Also, I need your help. When changing my url, my blog layout pretty much transferred over EXCEPT for my blog roll. I have tried to recreate it, but need your help. If you were there and you aren't now...please comment so I remember to come find your blog address. I will miss you terribly if you don't.

Next item of business....Blake's home today. Doing a bowel clean-out. Not fun. Pray for us both. Enough said. Thanks!

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  1. Well I wasn't there before but I always wanted to be!! Can I? Huh? Huh? Can I?

  2. If this picture was taken in my backyard, dad better get the mower out! Blessings to you and Blake today. :o(

    Mom xoxo

  3. You are on there now Kami! You were a wordpress person and didn't show up on blogger...sorry. I went and found your blog on facebook! Looking forward to reading up on you more often.

  4. love this pic of your apron! So cute! I don't see me on the blogroll.
    Hope your day goes great!

  5. Oh poor you... and poor Blake too! We had to tdo that just last week! SUCKS! Will be saying extra prayers for your guys today :)

    I love the picture... and tell your mom that the extra green is GOOD :)

    And thanks for remembering us on your blog roll :) I jsut loaunched a new blog for Butterfly and am excited to stir up some new business too! Such are the times, hu?

  6. Yeah...congrats on the new immersion....I can't wait to see all the new changes

  7. How exciting...congrats on the new design...can't wait to see it. Enjoy reading your blog--love your honesty and humor. I usually comment from my family blog... Casa de Mask...but this is my business blog.

    I know we don't know each other personally, but I would love to be added to your blogroll in the future. I first found your blog via Lyndsay and her website...she made my business button for me for Sassy Foto...

    Best wishes on your new blog format...

  8. April, this apron is made in the fabric that I want to make my kitchen curtains out of, you told me who the designer was but I have forgot. Any chance you could email me that info and if you know what the line is called so I can search for it. Thanks!! Lisa

  9. Me! Dont forget little ol' me!

    LOVE that apron... can't wait to see what you create!

    *hugs* to Blake for going through the bowel cleanout. And to you too. I work GI {oh gosh, for 9 years now!} and know all too well what a bowel cleanout entails.


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