If you watched the video carefully of when we told our children that we were having another baby, you will see the cautious excitement that Blake showed. Barely showed actually. He has been asking for a little baby brother or sister but when told, he got nervous and not only did I pick up on it, but so did his older sister. In fact, the next few days after announcing it to everyone, he kind of stopped talking about the baby.

I found Kaia in Blake's bed the next few mornings before school. Both of them cuddled up together in his twin bed. {I was hoping to catch that sweet moment with a photograph but I kept missing it.} Like they were holding on to the idea of just the two of them, and coming to terms that it wouldn't just be the two of them for much longer. They share a special relationship. I could hear them talking. I could hear Kaia comforting Blake and reassuring him that mommy would have enough love for all of her children. I heard her tell him that he would always be my baby just like she still felt like my baby even after he had come into our family. That a baby would be fun and exciting and that he shouldn't worry. They shouldn't worry. That becoming a family of five would be OK. It brought tears to my eyes. Still does thinking about those few precious days.

Blake came into my bed on Wednesday morning and I could tell he had let his guard down about adding a baby to the family. He said, "Mommy, even if the baby is a girl, will you teach me how to do EVERYTHING for the baby? I want to help with everything!" I smiled and pulled him close to me. Real close and became intoxicated with his smell, his soft skin, stealing kisses from his cheeks and forehead and thinking to myself that he would no longer be the baby of the family, but that he would always be my special baby boy.
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  1. I love this, so very sweet. Congratulations on this news and your wonderful family.

    Thanks for sharing - so glad I found you. You are a source of inspiration for me. Amazing how a girl from New Hampshire can find you via the blogosphere and learn/laugh and get inspired! I added your blog to my favs. Thank you!

  2. Each child never really loses that "baby" spot. I do remember leaving you to go deliver Jill and knowing that you would no longer be our one and only ~ a bittersweet thought for me that day. But YOU will always be my baby, just like your sister and brother. It's just the way it is with mom's.

  3. So Sweet.... Kaia is such a great big sister!!! And Blake is so much like Nat it kills me! Nat LOVES babies too, and is GREAT with them. I know Blake will be awesome too :)

  4. Boys are such interesting characters. I didn't realize the extent of emotion that TO felt when OJ came into our lives until he uttered this one sentence after OJ had been around a few days:

    "I used to have Mommy."

    Still makes me want to cry that he felt that way. I hope that I can make up for those feelings he had for the rest of his life. And I am going to try my best to ensure that he and OJ don't feel that way when this next baby bundle comes home in June.

    I can't wait to watch your family's journey.

  5. Awwww...that is lovely. :) So glad you captured it!

  6. Aww so sweet April. I"m totally crying! ha! You have the sweetest kids... who have the biggest hearts. Your baby will be so loved and blessed when he/she joins your family. Congratulations again!


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