Yesterday I went to pick up Blake from school. Before I could even get his hand in mine to walk away from his classroom, he blurted out...very exictedly, "So....did you find IT?"

"Find what?" I said.

Smiling so big he repeated, "did you find IT?" The smirk told me he had 'got' me. I quickly went through the day in my head....searching for the 'IT'. "Oh, your blanket" I said realizing that I hadn't seen it all that day.

"Yes, did you find it?" he asked again. I replied with, "No, did you hide it from me?" He said ever so proudly, "Yes, I hid it from you this morning BEFORE you could hide it from me!"

I was out-smarted by a 7 year old. He giggled the whole way home and would not reveal his new hiding place. Just like I haven't revealed my hiding place. You see, Blake still sucks his thumb, but only if he has his blanket. We used to keep his blanket behind his pillows on his bed. But he would sneak it out at all different times throughout the day and then end up sucking his thumb most of the day. In order to have any chance of breaking the habit, I knew the blanket had to disappear during the day. So about a month ago, while he was in the bathtub in the morning, his blanket would 'disappear' to my secret hiding place until bedtime. It didn't work yesterday. And he was so proud of himself, he ended up revealing his secret hiding place. It was a good one!
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  1. William was attached to a Curious George monkey for a really long time. Finally, when we thought he was too old for the monkey we told him it was time to mail Curious to another little boy who needed it more than him. It worked. He was so excited to help another little boy. Of course, I hid it in the closet so I can give it back to him when he's all grown up.

    Blake sure is growing up! I was so proud of him for going up to sing on Sunday all on his own with no coaxing at all. Way to go Blake!

  2. In defense of children who attach themselves to items of comfort...don't some adults do the same thing to unwind? A glass of wine at the end of a hectic day...a cigarette after a meal...a cold soda during a busy afternoon...something to read in the car while waiting for someone. Though I don't smoke or drink, why is it acceptable for adults to have things that help them ease the stress of everyday life but a child has to give up his/her comforts and grow up? Just a thought ...

  3. Both of my boys sucked their thumbs. Ryan until he was in 2nd grade and it was only when he had his blanket with him. One day it took a permanent vacation to an unmarked rubbermaid tub in the garage that I keep spare blankets in.


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