....growing old with this man.
Really I do.
Like I dream of who will be pushing who
in a wheelchair for sunny day walks.
And who will be sneaking into who's bed in the nursing home
to cuddle every night.

I also dreamt last week....
that I delivered triplets.
But they looked more like newborn puppies
than newborn babies.

And, last night....
I dreamt I delivered a little baby boy.
Perfect newborn sized boy.
With the chubbiest cheeks I have EVER seen.
Seriously, they made me laugh out loud.
The delivery was a blur.
There were people in my room that were shocking to me.
Not people I would ever want in my delivery room.
But that baby boy I delivered in my dream last night....
Oh...I am in love this morning!

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  1. I loved my crazy weirdo preggo dreams! They ALWAYS made me laugh and/or smile the next morning. Enjoy!

  2. Happy Friday! What a great way to start the weekend!


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