.....while he is wearing a turtleneck.

I am a self-proclaimed reality show junkie. Not as much as I used to be though. I have watched every season of The Bachelor. And there are a lot of great Bachelor re-caps each week on other blogs, but I could not pass up dishing on this week's Bachelor.

First of all I read somewhere that Vienna looks like Big Bird. Perfect! When asked what her expectations of marriage are she said she wanted to act like she was a 16 year old everyday and so in love. OK...let's get real. Not happening Vienna. Grow up sweetheart. You are pathetic in your current state.

When Tenley and Jake talk marriage expectations, I honestly can say that I was impressed. Tenley has been there/done that and really knows what to expect. I loved how she reminded us all to stop what we were doing at the end of the day when our spouse walks in the door from work and greet them with a hug and kiss. Let them know that we missed them. And Jake's response to what his expectations are for marriage. He says that he knows no marriage is perfect but that he does expect his wife to 'ALWAYS HAVE HIS BACK'. I loved this. I was ALMOST brought to tears when I thought of it....and then his turtleneck got in the way. Really....a turtleneck. I didn't even know they still made those for men.

My mom gave me really good advice one time. She told me that a husband and wife should never 'correct' each other in front of other people. If one has the story wrong, let them look like they have it right! Always have their back. So important in so many ways.

I'm off now for my daily G.T.L.S. Not a Jersey Shore Fan.....that stands for Gym, Tan, Laundry and I just added Sewing. Still at it trying to get the shop stocked. Except I don't tan. But the boys of Jersey Shore do....that was their daily motto. Makes me and Dave giggle every time we hear it. And have I mentioned here that Dave calls me 'Snickers' now? If you didn't watch Jersey Shores, some of the episodes are worth a little watch...if just for a good belly laugh on a re-run. Although you might not think it as funny as Dave and I do. It took us 5 times watching The Office to finally laugh out loud!

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  1. I admit it...I'm a Bachelor junkie. And I couldn't agree more with your take on things! Vienna = yucky! She makes my skin crawl! I'm really pulling for Tenley or Ali!

  2. Amen! You said it all so well April.
    I like Tenley best. Vienna? HOW IN THE WORLD? Although I think Ali is good for him too I'm surprised at how much time she spent focusing on Vienna- what a waste.
    I thought I wouldn't like watching Jake this season because he is "the nice guy" and even though I can't stand some of the cheesiness, I think he's been great. (except for his decisions about Vienna- seriously?)

  3. OK ~ you need to remember that some of those characters stay just to add drama. He's probably already pretty sure who he's gonna pick, so go ahead and get rid of a nice girl that's going to go anyway and leave the one who creates drama and passionate (even negative) responses from the audience. This is TV. Gosh I got all that just from watching one episode - the one this week. Just like a soap opera. You only need to watch a couple of times to get the whole picture forward and backward.


  4. I am SO glad I wasn't alone on the whole turtle neck thing he had goin on. Seriously not cool. Brock said the same thing. I am pullin for Tenly or Alli, either one I think would be good. Vienna, really can't take too much of her but I am sure it is for the drama!

  5. I totally agree with you re: the turtleneck. Men's turtlenecks should be saved for the ski slopes and that's about it..

  6. Yeay Tenley! LOL, reading all this flack about the turtleneck on FB and I didn't really mind it. I must be odd :)

  7. I love this - I thought the same thing - why is there a need to wear a turtleneck? Ugh!

    Love your blog - I'm adding you to my favorites. It's great!


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