He's Been Growing It Out For Months Now...

...and waiting patiently for February 26th. Talking about it weekly.
The only reason he was growing it out.
This hair has been driving Dave and I crazy.
Constant bed head.
Poufy and curling all around his neck.
What has he been waiting for.....

crazy hair day!

The Principal said his was the best she had seen so far when we were walking in.
He was so proud!

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  1. Too funny. I wanted to buzz his hair the other night when he was over and he was not going for it. He reminded me about crazy hair day. It looks like he put his finger in a light socket. Love it. I get worst mom of the year award today because I totally forgot and I'm sure Jack was devastated when he walked in and saw it after I had done the second worst mom of the year thing...dropped him off in the back parking lot! haha.. Have fun washing that out!

  2. Too great! I love it! It's so funny how much the kids look forward to those things at school!

  3. Definately worth the wait Blake!

    Love, Grandma

  4. I bet he was the coolest one in school!

  5. That is some CRAZY hair!!! Good thinking, Blake. :)

  6. That is awesome crazy hair! The best ever!

  7. LOL. what a cute little guy you have :)


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