.....a B.L.T with avocado for the next 9 months.
I can feel it already.
I crave it in the morning.
Two other foods I crave....peanut butter and cream cheese.
Can't get enough of those items either.
And bring on the carbs.
Yesterday I felt great almost the whole day.
I also ate pretty much the whole day.
No BLT w/avocado today though {at least for lunch}.
Going to Squeeze Inn for one of these.
Those are on my list as a favorite already too.
Although I add grilled onions now!
Must start walking or exercising.
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  1. I loooove BLT's, I'm now using turkey bacon for myself and regular for the boys. Maybe we will have it for dinner tonight. Can't wait to try that burger when we come for a visit. Glad you are feeling pretty good.

  2. I was just talking to my sister about how I have lost some weight since moving. I thought it was from having stairs in the house. She said she thought it was no more squeeze inn. :) haha. I miss that place. YUMMM. also. BLT looks delish. I never really had too many cravings but even talking about pepperoni made me gag. isn't pregnancy nuts :) I'm so happy for you. You better post that belly when it pops.

  3. OMG! I craved a BLT the whole time I was pregnant with you. My coworkers said that my baby (you) would come out asking for a "BLT, please!" YES ~ start walking NOW!

    Mom xoxo

  4. Mmmm, BLT's, must put on this week's dinner menu! My craving was mexican food, and the traditional stuff from the hole in the wall places. Not the tex mex Chevy's stuff. Squeeze Inn.. I must try that place, sounds yummy! Hope feeling good most of the day continues...

  5. I'm craving it already and have no reason to be!

  6. I looked at this last night and all I could think about in bed was a BLT with avocado... and I have never been to Squeeze Inn but I am GOING one day soon! That burger looks DELISH!


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