Blake's Very Scary Story.

Written by Blake, age 7.

A Very Scary Story.

'It was a dark and stormy night. "Hey!" cried the kid. "What's that?" He saw a dinosaur t-rex. The t-rex cot up to him. The t-rex eat his arm and pands. He is stil uliv (alive). The t-rex ran into a wol. Scary story.'

Writing stories is Blake's least favorite thing to do. He has a hard time staying focused. I think this is the best he has done in terms of length and thought process. I was so excited for him. And, I laughed when I read that the t-rex ate his pants! That Blake is a funny boy.

He is all about giving wedgies right now too. And laughs hysterically when he succeeds. He is forever chasing around daddy and Kaia! Mommy's pregnant...she's off limits from wedgies. Lucky mommy.
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  1. Good for Blake! I know it makes us mommies proud to see our kids getting better at things! Oh, and...lucky mommy indeed!

  2. So cute! I love the wedgie story - or is it wedgy?

  3. Blake is hilarious! And lucky mommy indeed to be off limits! ha!!

    PS - I gave you a bloggy award yesterday on my blog!

  4. That is a great story Blake!!!

    Nat hates to write too.... until we figured out he has LOTS to say, he just had such a HARD time making the letters!! He writes on his computer now and his stories are SOOOOO LONG!! Wish I had tought of it sooner..


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