"Fetal Development: This is your last week of the embryonic period. Your placenta is developing well and your baby looks like a tiny human now - albeit a tiny human - approximately 13 - 17 mm or about 0.51 - 0.66 inches in length (about the size of a raspberry). At this point, he weighs approximately 1 - 1.5 grams (the weight of a paperclip).

While the internal reproductive organs have now become either testes for boys or ovaries for girls, there's nothing yet to tell you whether it's a boy or girl even if you look closely. The skeleton has begun to form as cartilage and bones take shape. The baby's intestine has begun to move out of the umbilical cord into the baby's abdomen and your baby is now taking his first few drinks - he's drinking amniotic fluid. Remember, a little of what you eat and drink ends up in the amniotic fluid so, it can end up in him. Reflex muscle movements continue and now your baby will move away if touched through the uterine wall. Other changes in your baby are the heart valve formation, the retina formation, and the tip of the nose becoming visible.

Maternal Changes: You're missing your second period this week. Your breasts may be fuller now than ever before and may feel very sensitive. Wearing a supportive bra can ease some of the tenderness. Your waistline may be growing and you may experience some heartburn and indigestion as your body adjusts to pregnancy hormones.

Ideas for Dad: Sex got you to this point so let's talk about it. Many women go through a change in their desires during the first trimester. Mom may feel so crummy with morning sickness that she won't even let you in the bedroom. (Don't take it personally). On the other hand, without the hassles and worries of birth control and with the surge of hormones, she may be a sexual maniac. In either case, she's normal. What about you? Dads can also experience a change. At this point, mom isn't showing (or isn't showing very much) but her breasts are expanding in a glorious way. The figure changes may be quite attractive to you, and you may feel like a 16-year old boy again. But, you may be worried about hurting the baby or doing something to disrupt the pregnancy. If you're worried about this Dad, talk to the doctor/midwife so you can alleviate your fears.

If mom isn't on the same wavelength you are, this can be tough. Be understanding and remember that her hormones can make her moods look like a yo-yo in perpetual motion. If you're both in the mood, enjoy it. If you're not, you can still be close/intimate without having intercourse. TALK ABOUT IT with her so you aren't playing guessing games. "

My Thoughts: It's nice to know the sex of the baby is determined. Can't wait to find out. That is probably the hardest thing to wait for right now. I just want to know! Funny the baby is a size of a raspberry. I have been craving fruit salad the last two days....pineapples, pears, blackberries, grapes, strawberries, plums, kiwi and raspberries. Had it Friday night with our dinner at the Frye's house and can't stop thinking about it since. Nothing in the maternal changes talks about my pooch getting bigger and my jeans getting tighter. Just ordered my first pair of maternity jeans (low banded) on the internet Saturday. Thought the low band would be great for the in-between period and the just-after period. They can't come soon enough. It doesn't help that prior to getting pregnant all my jeans were already tight. In the Ideas for Dads section....last week I was like a 16 year old with pimples and now this week he is like a 16 year old because my boobs are getting bigger. Sorry hunny, sex is like a bad word for me right now. It sounds too similar to sick. And, Dave keeps mentioning that this pregnancy sickness is for the birds. I'm pretty sure he has mentioned my moodiness too. Sorry again hunny.

We had a quiet weekend. I spent all day Saturday on the couch. Sun up to sun down. The sickest I've been so far. Managed to eat McDonald's and KFC though that day. My friend Lynnette brought me a cheeseburger and Dave ran out for dinner to get me mashed potatoes and gravy. The only two things that at least sounded decent. The funny thing is those are not two of my favorite places to eat normally.....EVER. Well maybe KFC cole slaw wins out from time to time but on a sick day....who'd of thought. I'm ready for that fruit salad today. Bring on those raspberries!post signature


  1. Yum! Raspberries! Almost to the 2nd trimester - yay!

  2. I used to love to read those weekly updates! They can be so insightful!

    Oh how I hated sex during my pregnancy! I felt really bad about...no wait, I didn't I felt to icky sick to feel bad about no sex!

    Have you tried lemons for the sickness? Yes, I know, I sound a little off my rocker, but they worked for me. Slice a fresh lemon, and take a sniff, that usually did the trick and made mt nausea go away. If I was a particularly bad bout of it, I would lick the lemon from time to time. I also drank tons of pink lemonade! For some reason, the tart was just so soothing to my nausea!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  3. In my first trimester all I ever wanted was Burger King. It was the only thing that ever sounded appealing. That or pizza, or the Santa Fe salad from BJs. Junk food galore!

  4. Hey April,
    I want you to put one of those baby countdowns on your blog. So cute! Glad you had a better day yesterday.

    Love, Mom


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