Each Monday marks a new week of my pregnancy. My most favorite pregnancy book I read when pregnant with Kaia was "Your Pregnancy Week by Week". I looked it up online last night. Here is what week 8 says.....

"Fetal Development: An ultrasound done at this stage should show a fluttering heartbeat. Elbows begin to form in the arms and fingers start to develop. The leg buds begin to show feet with tiny notches for the toes. The face continues to change as the ears, eyes and the tip of the nose appear. The intestines start to form in the umbilical cord. Teeth develop under the gums. The baby is about the length of two grains of rice.

Maternal Changes: Your uterus is the size of an orange now, and you may find your waistline expanding. If this is your first pregnancy, you're probably not showing. If it's not your first, you may have a "pooch" already. You will tend to show earlier in subsequent pregnancies since your muscles and ligaments aren't so tight. You may be feeling like a teenager if you find yourself with pimples and other skin problems. Don't fret ~ pregnancy causes an increase in oil secretions not to mention those rampant hormones! Your break-outs will go away either after the first trimester as your hormones level off or after delivery.

Ideas for Dad: When mom goes to her first prenatal appointment, you'll be doing yourself a huge favor by making every effort to go with her. Be an involved parent NOW! Ask the doctor/midwife questions and share in this adventure. Take mom out for a nice meal afterwards to celebrate and talk about the appointment."
My thoughts.....great, I already have oily skin and it might get worse. Nothing in the above paragraphs mention my boobs being so sore and tender that I could scream if someone bumps into them {except in the section titled 'multiples' which I did not copy}. My waistline isn't expanding, but my love handles are. Those are a little lower you know. I do already have a "pooch" but I'm pretty sure it is not from the tiny grain of rice and orange in there. It is excess fat I was hoping to lose before I got pregnant. Although, I am still fairly comfortable in my jeans. Buttoned and all. I do love the 'Ideas for Dad' part. They are a bit cheesy and make me laugh out loud. I did read the last part out loud to him last night though! And, I am fighting more sick time than not these last couple of days. I dry-heaved half of yesterday and was barely able to teach my Gospel Doctrine class. Nothing mentioned morning sickness in the above paragraphs. I hate morning, afternoon and night sickness. Although still grateful it isn't nearly half as bad as when I was pregnant with Blake.
So...there you have it. 8 weeks today!
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  1. Congrats to you - truly amazing, take it all in because it flies!

  2. I read that book when I was pregnant and my biggest pet peeve with it was it would tell you something in week 14 you should have known in week 8. Thanks for telling me late! It was a helpful book but I needed to read other books too because I felt like I was missing pertinent information and didn't want that with my 1st pregnancy. My favorite book was The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy (or something like that). Very honest and a fun, easy read. So was Jenny McCarthy's book on pregnancy. And I just wrote a novel. Sorry.

  3. Congratulations again! I feel your dry-heaving pain. I was sick every day for 6 months with both my girls and it was miserable. Beautiful, healthy children as a result but all day-SICK is no fun! I loved The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy too. My favorite of all the books I read! Good Luck!!

  4. Hopefully the "yucks" will be ending soon. I loved being pregnant with my boys, the delivery not so much.

  5. Congrats on being pregnant! As you know, we added our third girl about 6 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. She is so much calmer than my other two were, so hopefully this one will be for you too! Anyway, Thank you for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. I designed my own banner and have always wondered if anyone liked it. Also, I am looking forward to my new earrings! God Bless, Jen


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