5 Things I Like About You!

I have been the lucky recipient of some 'just because' gifts recently. I couldn't be more delighted. These surprises have made me feel so loved and have brought the biggest smile to my face. This weekend a girlfriend surprised me with another 'just because' gift. If she was a blogger, hint hint, I would be asking for a tutorial. It is handmade and just darling. A little 'This & That' notepad. Check it out!

Inside is stamped '5 things I like about YOU'...and on different sheets of the note pad is stamped 'sensitive', 'generous', 'honest', 'thoughtful' and 'creative' and I couldn't love it more! So sweet and so thoughtful. Thank you, Brandy.

Thank you to all my friends that have surprised me with happy mail and treats recently. Kami, Molly, April W. & Mandy....you are brightening my days! And, all my blogger friends, your comments mean the world to me. Thank You! Gosh, I feel like I just won a grammy or something!
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  1. It's the little things that give us smiles everyday! What a great pick me up! Sounds like you have a great group of buddies!

  2. I like those things about you too!

    Love, Mom xoxo


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