Eve was a smart, smart woman!

I had the privilege of leading a lesson and discussion in Sunday School today on the Fall of Adam and Eve. I have to say, after crying, no more like bawling, over my new calling as Gospel Doctrine teacher a few months ago, I am relishing the opportunity. I am not doing it on my own though. I am relying heavily on my Heavenly Father to help me understand the Old Testament as I study it and prepare to teach and discuss it with our class. I have not updated my blog/journal regarding this church calling/job because honestly at this point I cry just thinking of the privilege that it is to study and prepare for these lessons. I look forward to sitting to prepare the lessons because I feel the hand of the Lord in my life as I write and prepare the lesson outline. It is a special and sacred time for me. And, it is important for me to document it.

I challenged our Sunday School class to personal daily scripture study and personal prayer as we started the new year. I even made a general star chart for our class to return and report our progress! Some find it childish I know, but returning and reporting is so important to me. It holds us accountable. And sometimes we need that push to be accountable to succeed. Also, I felt that when we are joined in a common goal, I believe that we feel more united and there is nothing more than I want for our Sunday School time to be a great time for us to unite to discuss and learn of the scriptures. So far so good. I have, for two straight weeks in a row, not missed a day of personal scripture study and prayer. There is such a difference in my soul when I make these two important things a priority in my daily life. I am more in-tune with the Spirit and have more of a desire to learn of spiritual things. I find myself going to church on Sunday ready to be taught and filled. I am falling in love with the scriptures and studying them. I am writing notes of inspiration in the margins of my scriptures and finding new favorite scriptures versus that I hope I can remember and turn to often for comfort and direction.

What a blessing already this calling has been in my own personal life, in my marriage and in our family. That new Bishop of ours really did know what he was doing when he encouraged me to accept that daunting calling of teaching Gospel Doctrine. I am positive that my calling is not for the class to learn from me, but for my own personal growth and I am looking forward to this journey.

I found a beautiful paragraph about Eve while studying this week in a book titled "Unlocking the Old Testament" by Pinegar and Allen (a very thoughtful gift given to me at Christmas from my in-laws)....

"Indeed, "our glorious Mother Eve" (D&C 138:39) was a child of God and the epitome of eternal motherhood--wisely discerning, willing to sacrifice, industrious, prayerful, receptive and obedient, compassionate and concerned for her children, and a great educator. Such a "glorious" and noble personality is an abiding example for her posterity through all generations of time. "

How grateful I am for this journey on earth. A time to be tested and "prove them herewith, to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them" (Abraham 3:25). I hope I pass. I am trying every day.

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  1. Have you read Eve and the Choice Made in Eden? If not, you should. Glad you are enjoying your calling so much :)

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  3. What a wonderful and inspiring post! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your new calling...it sounds as if you are doing great!

  4. that bishop really likes to shake things up doesn't he???

  5. It was good to read this. I spent the afternoon crying over my calling (nursery leader). I love it, but it is really difficult to go 7 days a week without a break (since both my little ones come along to nursery, of course). And it was wonderful to read that you are loving your calling! It makes me want to re-find the things that I love about mine.

  6. April,
    Love watching the Lord's hand in your life.

    Mom xoxo

  7. This I know.....I loved this post. Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me to do better in my personal study.

  8. HOW you feel is so clear in your writing. The confusion you felt when you made the decision to accept this calling, and then the apprehension at undertaking it, and now the joy you're finding in it. I hope to be as clear as you are when expressing my emotions and desires. I'm happy to hear that you are continuing to enjoy it.


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