What it means to NOT have your telephone ring at 8:01 am on Saturday morning.....

1. You get to sleep-in a bit. And....

2. All your bills/creditors are current!

Awww....it's a great feeling. The joys of being self-employed in the construction industry in this horrible economy.

On a separate note, I see blue sky and a peek of sunshine this morning! I'm ignoring the ominous grey cloud off to the west. Happy Saturday. We are heading to Ikea for meatballs and gravy this afternoon for lunch/dinner!

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  1. Such a great feeling! Congrats!!

    It's blue skies here today too... hoping they stay that way just long enough to drop off the baby to my momma and head on our for a date night with my hubs!

  2. Great job on all of the hard work to get there!! No feat in this economy and day in age!

    What it means in my house when my phone won't stop ringing?? The exish husband isn't paying his bills or answering his phone. Joy. But I have gotten VERY good at giving out his new cell number AND his Mommy's number :) I mean come on! I pay all the bills for the kids and I WITHOUT any child support yet, so the least he can so is field his own calls!! :)

    There is my vent for the day!

    Congrats again! I know you guys have had to work hard to be where you are right now!!

  3. I hope you enjoyed the meatballs!


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