Jeans rolled up. Flip flops on. Enjoying 75 degree sunny weather. Driving new old car thru Santa Barbara today and home to our kiddies. They are going to love the third row jump seats with personal radio and headphones back there plus their very own sunroof. Pictures of our Pope mobile (dave's nickname for it) coming soon when we get home! Any guesses on wat we got?

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  1. My guess is you guys got a Land Rover...maybe a Discovery model?? :-) My hubby just bought a used '04 Land Rover and his interior looks like your pic...!! If it's right...you will LOVE it...he really likes his!

  2. No guesses... but yes! The weather! AWESOME!!!!!

    I loved wearing my jeans rolled up and ballet flats this weekend!

  3. I think I want this car. It sounds fun.


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