I'm still working on the rest of my to-do list from yesterday today. I ended up not taking a nap yesterday afternoon and was grouchy as hell. Dave came home and I told him I needed a little nap (it was 5:00 pm) and could he make dinner. He obliged. The sloppy joes were great and the tater tots crunchy! But we did all agree during dinner that Sonic truly has the best "tots". Now I am craving a Cherry Limeaid and I REALLY REALLY want to make a homemade Sonic-type commercial while we are there one of these days. They always make me laugh.

This is my 598th post. 600 should involve a giveaway....don't you think? Something Valentine-y because I heart Valentine's Day. I've already bought the conversation heart candies...but they have changed and I hated them and threw them away. Have you tried them yet? I can't find anywhere the Necco brand. The Originals. Please let me know if you find them. Until then....I will continue to eat PEZ candies with no dispenser. Really a dispenser just takes too long to fill and then I feel a little silly trying to wrap my mouth around the dispenser like I am peforming CPR to get the candy out. Oh...you are supposed to use your fingers to take-out the candy from the dispenser? No one ever told me!

Dave is going to be here and there this weekend. Ok...maybe more 'there' than 'here' but I hate advertising that I might be alone at times for fear of stalkers or crazy men. I have my house alarm and guard dog though...and my maglite flashlight! One time Dave announced on facebook that he was sitting at an airport on his way to Denver for a business trip. I called him and thanked him for announcing to all our "friends" on facebook that I was alone and vulnerable. Because really we all know that there is at least one person on our facebook list of 'friends' that we really aren't sure who they are right?

Ok this little post about 'nothing' has gone on long enough. Please answer my questions that I have posted in this 'nothing' posted because I have 'nothing' officially on my calendar today and when I finish my to-do list, will be checking email over and over again looking for answers to all my questions!

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  1. I'm with you on the originals!

  2. Sorry, I have Nothing to say today :o) except maybe that I love you lots!

    Mom xoxo

  3. I have nothing today as well. Work has been insane today. I feel like I've been running around alllll day. Maybe it'll make me lose the weight I'm sure my taco bell lunch gave me. One can only hope.

  4. I just had my 500th post and didn't even realize it! giveaways would be pretty awesome. I think I might just go ahead and do one someday. You know- to thank you for all of your giveaways.

  5. I tease my husband about not wanting to be "linked up" in any way, shape, or form. BUT, knowing his inability to be conservative and his tendency to become addicted, I do believe it's best that he stay away from FB, blogging, and anything else that would allow him the ability to announce our lives to anyone.

  6. I hated the new hearts...but I think they are the originals....I will go to the link Amy provided. I bought 4 BAGS...and they are awful!!!!! I hope they change back.
    Here's to a productive day tomorrow! Cheers!

  7. http://www.typetive.com/candyblog/item/sweethearts_2010/

    This blog shows the changes with Necco hearts....YUCK. I hope they change them back. They just lost one for their best customers. Seriously, I was one of the best.


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