out of space.
jumbled in my brain.

we had a water leak last year that ruined part of our hardwood floors.
beautiful new hardwood floor was ordered.
installation just started in the bedrooms where dog pee stained carpet was removed.

in blake's room I put in a small 4x6 throw rug.
Zoe pee'd on it yesterday.
Thank goodness I had been checking everyday or it would have ruined
the new hardwood floors left unattended.
i guess this means either no dog or no area rugs.
i don't know what to do.
i don't want to check area rugs daily.
dave says to call the dog trainer back.
not sure i have the energy to try to retrain her.
but don't have the heart to give Zoe up.

Funky Vintage Kitchen is needing my attention.
Lots to be loaded in the etsy store.
Local newspaper photographer coming tomorrow
to take pictures of me with my product for a local upcoming article.
I've gained 7 pounds....all jeans are too tight.
Nothing to wear.

Creating space is cramped and quickly becomes unorganized and messy.
I have several sketches for Dave to build some
cabinets for different areas of our house.
Kitchen, family room and bathroom.
So lucky he is a craftsman.
Feel bad to add to his list of to-dos
when he still has the whole rest of the house left to install hardwood in.

I'm still wanting a wall removed in our little office to open up our family room.
We are trying to figure out the logistics of that
since that wall holds up our roof.
Lucky again he is a contractor.
Designer friend coming tomorrow to help with suggestions.

Planned on coming straight home from drop off at school today
to work in the construction office and load up Etsy.
Decided to turn right instead of left and went to
visit my brother instead of coming straight home.
Started working on a puzzle while I was there that my dad started.
I didn't think I really liked puzzles.
Worked on it for 3 hours.
Dad should be happy.
He was having problems with it.
Enjoyed watching my brother play wrestling men
with my nephew that was there because my sister
was at jury duty.
we texted back and forth.
She was stuck there with a guilt trip
of not using the excuse of kids or money to get out of it by the judge.
I told her to just start crying.

My great aunt lorraine is staying with my parents also during the winter.
Maine winters are too cold for her.
We love having her here.
She is like a grandmother to me.
I asked my nephew why he picked aunt lorraine to watch him
instead of me while mommy was at jury duty.
he said aunt lorraine was more fun.
I texted her again.
my sister consoled me with.... she didn't give him an option.
she knew I didn't have any kids at home on a Monday.
Aunt Lorraine told me that the doctors think her cancer is back.
In her liver.
I am sad.

And what to do with my blogs, my branding and combining them all.
Do I keep 4Kennedys and add FVK shop undates.
Do I rename my blog to incorporate all.
If I'm wanting to grow FVK (Funky Vintage Kitchen just so you know)
do I become recognizable as that.
I don't know enough about social media and what 'games' I should be playing.
I just want to be successful and follow my dreams.
I am confused.
And to top it all off....I feel silly being confused about such a
silly thing as blogging!
It's not like I'm gonna be famous one day.
I just want to own a successful handmade business
and share it all through blogging.
Oh and by the way....it is still gray here today.
Maybe that is why I am feeling the way
I am today.

Do I dare say.....
Happy Monday!?
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  1. Just figured out that I haven't prayed or read scriptures yet today. Duh.

  2. ((hugs))
    I think you voiced what thousands of women have been feeling on some level. And yeah, all this blogging stress? I'm about ready to give up on it.
    I guess I should go pray and read my scriptures too. Good call.

  3. I'm kindof having one of those today. Blech. My advice? Stop everything. Sit with your kids. MAKE nothing else matter. :)

  4. Well, you figured out your problem but I still have suggestions. For your etsy shop you can pay a fee and they'll "highlight" you on the home page. It's just a small picture square but it puts you right at the beginning. Also, you could sponsor a blog and that could attract customers. I know that costs money but it takes money to make money, right?! Think popular Mormon blogs like Nie Nie, Mormon in Manhattan, Seriously So Blessed, etc. They're your target market anyway. I think combining your blogs is a good idea. A different blog domain might allow you to keep all your "blogs" in one space; 4 Kennedys as one tab, FVK as another tab, Butterflies as another tab. Try Wordpress or Typepad. Again, they have a monthly fee but I think it's as low as $7-10.

  5. what a long but interesting post. you had my attention the entire time. I feel you sister- this monday was especially hard

  6. Take a deep breath, take a step back and remember that God is in control. We all feel this way sometimes and you are not alone. Love You.... Molly

  7. I think you could definately put Butterflies and FVK updates on here. It's always fun to get the homelife and style stuff together when you are reading a blog.

  8. I do believe that turning right instead of left was a wonderful decision. Sometimes, when you're overwhelmed....go distract yourself. And honestly? I think puzzles are the BEST way to do that. I love puzzles. I sometimes think scrapbooking is a little like putting together puzzles. I forget all about monetary concerns when I scrapbook. Until I want to buy more supplies of course. :)

    Happy Monday indeed.

  9. Amen! Can I copy and paste this into my blog? I've been feeling this way for a while... Thanks for sharing, makes me feel like I'm not alone (but also wishing none of us felt this way too)...

  10. Visiting your brother was the right thing to do. I wish we could visit him.

    Hang in there-- I am no stranger to the overwhelmed-head-spinning thing I hear in your post. You are not alone! We all have days/weeks/years like this. You are at least brave enough to mention it.

  11. *hugs* Hang in there... and lean on the Lord.

  12. April... it's terrifying at times how paralell our lives are!

    You articlated so well so much that is on my mind right now too! Will be praying for you dear one. And don't forget that I am only a phone call away if you ever wnat to chat :)

  13. I feel your house woes too....I have a major supporting wall that I want knocked out and I need a few new shelving units built. I'm totally slacking on my business blog & etsy...what to do, what to do?

    Hoping that your feeling a little better today :)

  14. I understand how you feel. Yesterday was the pits for me! I sat in a meeting with my principal, faciliator and reading specialists and cried and cried. I took today off and it has helped. Just remembered that the Lord is always mindful of you and your needs, even blogging needs. I love all that you do and find you very inspiring!

  15. I understand how you feel. Yesterday was the pits for me! I sat in a meeting with my principal, faciliator and reading specialists and cried and cried. I took today off and it has helped. Just remembered that the Lord is always mindful of you and your needs, even blogging needs. I love all that you do and find you very inspiring!


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