...be productive and positive today.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Napa Register is coming today

to take some pictures of me with my FVK product.

I think I'm going to wear the sweet upcycled yellow apron I made

up there on the right.

It will hide every new roll around my middle section.

But then again the beauty of the half aprons is that

the wide waistband holds all the rolls in too.

I will be trying on several outfits today.

I'm sure of it!

Wanna come over and help me stage my product?

And one more thing.....

Wanna see something pretty I'm working on?

Well my friend Lyndsay is working on it too!

It's been a thought for a year now...

a work in progress....

because it is what I do when I'm feeling overwhelmed and stress.

I add more to my plate!

click here for a sneak peak.

it's still under construction but we can all use something pretty

to look at every once in awhile.

Happy Day!

and, thanks for all your encouraging and supportive thoughts yesterday.

I really, really do appreciate them.

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  1. Oh my goodness--Hello. Just stumbled here and very happy to have done so--I see I don't know the whole story--but I did read back a few posts and I understand the whole branding, re-branding, combining effort. Best to you today for a happy week!

  2. Hugs April!! You aill do AMAZING today!!!! AND you will look GREAT in whatever you choose to wear because ALL of your inner beauty will shine through ANYTHING!!!

    I love the new site... so cute. Lyndsay is so talented... if I didn't love Carla so much I would totally use Lyndsay :)

    Blessings on your day dear April!

  3. so cute. love the new blog design & I am sure it will be a hit. I love the little birdies. can you make a blog called let me design your house & then you show home design and decorating ideas..? just one more thing.. :)

  4. I can't wait to hear about this local write-up. :) I'm gaining weight with you, but I can't hide a thing anymore. :( Something happened last weekend and I am now huge. Smile and eat with me.

  5. did you see yourself on American Idol tonight?

  6. I just tried leaving you a comment on your butterflies blog but it would not let me leave an anonymous comment....but your post was too funny because we just went bowling on Saturday with the kids and I so badly wanted to walk out with my bowling shoes and pretend like I forgot but because my kids were with me...I knew better. I have always wanted to own a pair of bowling shoes but the only problem would be that everyone would know I stole them...hahaha...but they are THE most comfortable pair of shoes and I think are totally cute. I kept looking down at them with my jeans on and thought how cute they looked! Oh, some day I will own a pair of bowling shoes...size 6 1/2...hint hint anyone!


  7. I just signed up for a google account so I can not be anonymous anymore...how do I change it to say Jill...


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