My music is back on my blog. Hope you don't mind. I've missed it. These are my two fav songs right now!

Speaking of music, there is a huge bowling tournament going on in heaven right now. You should hear the thunder rocking our house. Blake told us he was excited for the thunderstorm to come because he can't remember ever hearing thunder. I just opened the door for him to really hear it and he asked me to quickly close it and to lock the door! Not sure what's going through his head right now.

I think I will turn my music up louder now and dance to the lightening strikes and pretend they are disco balls and strobe lights! Those angels must be scoring some serious points...maybe even bowling a perfect game. They are in heaven...you know!

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  1. I hope the storm is still nasty and wonderful by the time it gets here!

  2. I love the thunder we are having. We have a rainbow right out our front door right now. Love it! Teagan & his buddy Stephen are playing in the puddles with buckets and bowls right now. Teagan loves the thunder, Stephen wants to stay in the house.
    Love this weather!!!

  3. So I had to check out your Fav songs. As soon as clicked on your blog Brock made a sad for you face. He can't stand the fireflies song. He thinks it is the most stupid lyrics. But that is still cool, I am sure his feelings about you haven't changed to much. I have to call you it has been too long. Miss you, I wish I were at your dance party with you!

  4. Shockingly enough we've had rain for 2 days in a row here in San Diego, the land of perfect weather. No thunder or lightning though!

  5. that second song is a favorite in our house. Dan came home from work one day & said, I found "audrey's song" it was this... I guess he thought she'd like it & she does/ so cute.

  6. The blogs I visit that have music make my day. When I'm visiting them from home, that is. I don't play the sound when I sneak in reads at work. :)


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