{for a little brother and sister}

{for three little sisters}

{for five women in one family}

....clean my house this morning. The local newspaper is coming over to interview me for an article they are running about local Etsy shop owners! Yippee.....hope I make the actual article.

And speaking of Etsy, go here to see a picture of the fabulous pillow I snagged yesterday on Etsy!

In the meantime, the photos above are aprons that left the shop right before Christmas. Hope the receipients loved them. I did. It was hard to let a few of those go.

And....this weekend, I am working on a public service announcement that I will air on this here blog next week. Listen up all you California people....it is for you!

Until then, Happy Friday!

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  1. Those are ADORABLE!!! I love love love them!!!

    And I'm listening! I'm a Californian! ha!

  2. Your aprons are sooooo cute! And thanks for the suggestions on my blog about our kitchen. It sounds like we are on the right track. We have a professional who paints cabinets coming over next week and we are leaning toward an off-white with a dark glaze. We saw his work at the Killian's house and really like it. We are also leaning toward granite. Thanks! Knowing I'm on the same page as you makes me feel like I just might know what I'm doing!

  3. Oh, how fun! Please let us know how the interview goes/went. :)


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