{this is an old photo, but when I saw it this morning it just made me want to kissie kiss all up and down that soft side of his cheekie}

Today Blake has a substitute teacher. He was warned yesterday by his sweet teacher who knew to prepare him. We were just a tad late getting to school today, which is what Blake prefers actually. He doesn't really like the hustle and bustle of shuffling through the classroom door and trying to hang up his backpack with the whole class pushing to get a certain hook. So we are always just a few minutes late. It works.

Back to the substitute teacher today. Blake was really hoping it was going to be a boy. I thought about telling him to pray for a boy substitute teacher last night, but me of little faith, or maybe just being smart to know that the ratio of male to female substitute teachers was not in the males favor, I opted not to suggest it.

We walked into class this morning and the substitute teacher, a kind female, was calling attendance. As we walk in she calls Blake's name. The kids get excited that he walked in at perfect timing and one little boy says loudly, "There is Blake. Be careful, sometimes he tries to escape!"

I considered that fair warning for the substitute teacher!

Happy Weekend my lovies. Maybe it will stop raining and we will see a little sunshine.

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  1. That is the sweetest and funniest thing ever!

    Blake is such a sweet kid. Give him a squeeze for me!

  2. haha, Blake is a future x-gamer for sure. he lives on the wild side. I wouldn't have dared escape from elementary school. I was chicken. :)

  3. DID he escape that day? Or did he enjoy his sub? :)


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