In the new old car last night right after we picked up the kids from my parents home, waiting while Dave and Kaia ran into the market to get some milk.

Me: Blake, did you have fun this weekend with grandma, grandpa and your cousins?

Blake: Yes, but I don't like it when you leave.

Me: Mommy and daddy needed to get the car, plus mommies and daddies need little love getaways so they stay in love and happy.

Blake: Ya, I know about divorce.

Me: Well mommy and daddy aren't going to get divorced. That's why we go away....to stay in love.

Blake: I know your not going to get a divorce, but if you did......I would live with daddy and come visit you on the weekends.

Me: nothing. absolutely nothing came out of my mouth.

Luckily, I am not easily offended. I smiled and finally offered, "well glad we aren't planning on getting a divorce because I would miss you terribly during the week."

Dave and I had a good laugh later last night down the hallway where Blake couldn't hear us. Dave did a champion arm pump in the air and actually said, "I knew he liked me better!"

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  1. It's always good to know where you stand :D

    I bet the weekday solo w/daddy thing would stop being fun in exactly a week.

  2. That made me laugh out loud! It's like I could hear Dave saying it.

  3. So funny. I totally laughed out loud. Love Blake and his honesty.
    ps. i did beachbody this morning and it is SO much harder than I remember.

  4. Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR Mrs. K!!!
    I hope you had a most wonderful Christmas.

    Secondly, this story is absolutely fantastic!!! So funny!! And Dave's arm pump thing is totally what my Mr B would do :)

    Saskia xx

  5. That is hilarious!!! Dave's arm pump is EXACTLY the reaction CJ would give. haha

  6. I'm fairly certain that my husband would know that would make me cry, so he might refrain from the arm pump. However, I would KNOW he was hiding a grin, which would in turn burst me into tears anyhow.


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