I pulled up to the school...parked. He JUMPED out on his own and waved good-bye. I told him that if he did it today, he wouldn't have to do it everyday. Plus I told him I would make sloppy joes for dinner tonight. I was hoping I didn't have to get out of the car....I crawled back into bed this morning at 6:15 planning on just waking Dave up and slept until 7:45 am.

Dave woke Kaia up at 6:45 and asked her to get Blake ready for school so that mommy could sleep a bit. She not only got Blake cathed and kept him moving getting dressed, but she also made both of their beds and fed him breakfast! It was truly a heavenly morning.

I'm adding ground beef and hamburger buns to my shopping list today! Sloppy Joes for dinner is what it will be. I love my little family!

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  1. What an amazing daughter you have! I am hoping to get a little nap myself. I have not been nearly as productive as you to earn it though..
    Yay Blake!!!!

  2. Good job Blake!!!

    Kaia is such a sweet sweet girl! And a great big sister!

  3. Yea for Blake! And what a sweet, sweet sister he has!

  4. Yes folks ~ and they are both MY grandchildren! Love you Kaia and Blake :o)

    Grandma xoxo

  5. Wow, what a sweet daughter you have! You should hint for her to do that for you as one of her value projects for personal progress! Can you tell I am a yw leader, ha! I'm sure 10 hours of getting him ready would add up to a nice amount of days you could sleep in! ;)

  6. I just "awwwwwed" at her cathing him. Seriously, what a wonderful gesture and spirit she has about her. Blake is going to grow to be a wonderful man because of the influences you're providing.


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