Q. How do YOU know there is a God?

A. His undeniable hand in my life on so many different occassions. I know there is a God, without any doubt.

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  1. I have so many follow-up questions to your answer... :) For people who have always believed, that answer makes perfect sense. But what about those who have never really grown up being told about God? Oftentimes when such goodness comes into our lives, we attribute it to those around us without any certainty that God put them there for a reason. Or it gets attributed to circumstances, choices, luck....but just accepting that God put those circumstances in place, or those people in our lives...is a much more abstract thought.

    Getting from conrete to abstract is much tougher for those who haven't always had a firm knowledge on where God and religion stand.

    I envy those who have that firm knowledge. :) I also appreciate them for putting questions in my life that are necessary, in my opinion. Thank you.

  2. Okay... how do I know that there is a God?

    Because I look into the eyes of my son and know that my husband and I did not create him alone.


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