4:39 AM

Yes, I am blogging. I've been up since 3:00 am. Woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. Decided to be productive again today. I have completed (including folding and putting away very quietly in each respective bedrooms) 2 loads of laundry! I have also unloaded the dishwasher, watched two episodes of COPS...and caught up on my blog reading. I'm off to watch the news to see if sunshine is in the forecast any time in the next 7 days. I'd like to wash the car....which by the way we are still enjoying.

Also on my to-do list today......get 1099's and W-2s out as well as quarterly payroll reports and sales tax reports mailed! A trip to the grocery store is also a must. All before 12:30. It's a short day at school today. Nap is on the list too. Bed is already sounding good again.

My designer friend confirmed my design ideas of taking out the wall in the office and opening up the space into the family room, but suggested turning our work station to provide two spots that will open to the family room. Yay! We replaced a 10' beam with a 14' beam two years ago when we did the first little remodel. Now that beam needs to be 16'. Dave scratched his head and said, "I nailed the crap out of that beam thinking I was never going to be replacing it....it will be hard to get out." That was after I said, "Is there any way to get that beam out again without requiring three different walls to need sheetrock repairs and painting?" It was kind of a joke...he did have a customer request wall studs to be changed without disrupting the interior sheetrock on that same wall. Nearly impossible, but he did it. I was just trying to be his "toughest customer"! Plus...we are on a very tight budget for this little change. BUT if it is going to happen, it needs to happen BEFORE the rest of the hardwood floors go in.

Oh...there goes the unlock button on the washer...time to go switch the laundry again.
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  1. I was up at 4 am too! Though I have a newborn who requires nutrients at all hours. Ha! I think it's hilarious that one of Dave's customers wanted him to replace studs without disturbing the sheetrock... really? Some people!

  2. Wow.. I think it was a sleepless night in many a home, we didn't sleep around here either. But you were more productive than me.... I laid in bed and prayed for HOURS!

    Sounds like good news on your remodle, and if anyone can do it great and inexpensive it's you guys :)

    Have a continued porductive day :)

  3. oh my gosh! can you come to my house!? seriously... i have SO much to do tonight. company is flying in tomorrow night and i still haven't cleaned the guest room, bathroom, kitchen or living room. nevermind what my bedroom looks like. oh gosh!

  4. apirl- i was up at 4am too!! My mind was just running with all of the to-do's on my list!!

    I should have gotten up and got things done like you, instead i layed awake for an hour :(

  5. Are you eating COFFEE ice cream again?


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