One Kara's Carrot Cupcake.

Two willing parties to re-create the cutting
and feeding of the wedding cake.
(well mostly willing...I had to feed him and myself but he participated for pictures)

Silver wedding knife found that was used 15 years ago.

Photographer available.
(Thanks, Kaia.)

One completely giggly boy who thought what mommy and daddy were doing was the funniest thing he had ever seen.

Happy Friday.
(We are Losers post below and a P.S.)
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P.S. I love my new blog design. It's a sneak peak of what Beautify My Blog will be providing. They open for business tomorrow! Thank you, Lyndsay. I'm almost as giggly as Blake was above.


After a full week being fed amazing food at Girls Camp and then a weekend away in Reno and a full week back home, I am happy to announce that I am weighing in at 140. That is a full 10 pounds lost! Yippee. Hope your last couple of weeks have gone well too. Let's hear how everyone is doing. I'm still working out. I even added running to my routine, something I thought I hated. I don't necessarily love it, but it is a nice change up.

Dave hurt his leg when he fell through a roof a couple of weeks ago. He had some nerve damage to his right leg with severe swelling. He is OK, but it has slowed his weight loss (thank goodness....I was having a hard time catching up with him). I think he is weighing in right around the same as last time. The biggest bummer about his accident was it happened right when he was ready to step up his exercise program to keep the weight loss in full swing momentum. Hopefully he will be completely healed by next week.

Happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend.

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I married my best friend. The man who healed my broken heart and promised to never ever make it hurt again. The man who needed his heart mended also, by mine with the same promise. The man who wanted the same things from marriage as I did. Fidelity, laughter, tenderness, spiritual growth, family, eternal love, respect, togetherness. Our 15 years together have been many of these things. In fact we have accomplished quite a lot together.

I heard a quote the other day. It went something like this...."even when we are fighting, know that I would not want to be fighting with anyone BUT you." Is this the best quote for an anniversary? No, but it is real. And that is exactly how I feel when we fight. In fact, our arguments are shorter and shorter as our love continues to deepen. Neither of us want to cause pain or anguish. We are trying....always trying to shorten our arguments to show each other just how much we do love each other. We come to each other quite quickly now to offer an apology and a hug. And usually the other is already over it and ready to move on. In a fairytale world there would be no fights, no arguments, but that is not the case. I just love how well we can work through them and our willingness to continue yelling communicating through them to grow stronger. And actually, if it weren't for our business there really might not be much arguing at all! But it comes with the territory of being self employed and working together daily....and I love all that it offers.

You, Dave, will always have my heart and I will always hate when we argue or fight. Please remember that the next time I am irritable, tired and just plain short with you! I bought us a carrot cake cupcake to cut and share tonight together. Please don't smash it in my face. You were such a gentlemen on our wedding day but I could see you thinking that would be funny tonight to do in front of the kids. Oh....and will you dance with me tonight in front of the kids too so they can see that we are still madly in love as the day when we married? I would love that too. In return, I will dress in something sexy tonight for bed. Maybe a tighter T-shirt instead of one of your big baggy ones!

Happy 15 wonderful years! (I'm still searching for a wedding picture to scan and upload. Why can't I find our wedding album?)

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One of my aprons and one of my cake plates is being given away today over on Lyndsay's blog! Go visit her here. Then go check out her new design blog here. Good luck on winning! I can't wait to update my design soon. Very very soon.

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Blake racing at the BMX track tonight!

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The Craft Bulletin Board

Paper Bag Camp Yearbook
the girls amazed us with their creativity with these journals/yearbooks

"Grow" Banner
a lot of prep work....not a lot of takers among the girls but a total hit with the adult leaders

Magnetic Board with Button Magnets
a favorite among all the girls

Dog Tag Necklace stamped with camp theme "Grow in Grace" and the Vintage Button Rings

Matchbox Love
one of my favorites at camp....decorate a matchbox, write a sweet note to a friend, stuff the note in the matchbox and give away!

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Going on all week on my favorite blog designer's site......click here! She's back with premade designs over at Beautify My Blog with a grand opening of Aug. 1. Yippee! Go visit now and enter to win her fabulous prizes each day. How do I know they are fabulous????? Because I completely trust her style AND Funky Vintage Kitchen will be giving away a fabulous prize package on Thursday on her blog!

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One of our crafts at camp was a Paperbag Camp Yearbook. We let the girls each take turns taking a photo booth style picture with 4 different poses to put on the front of their Yearbook. Girls had so much fun making these books and then passing them around for friends to sign. Here is our photo booth example. The craft ladies being silly...me and Carla! Love you girlie.

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I'm not home quite yet. Camp is over but Dave and I are now in Reno for a North Lake Tahoe wedding this evening. We are off to the water slides today sans children (we are still kids at heart)! We are enjoying our time together after a week apart. I miss Blake though sooooo much and can't wait to KISS him and SQUEEZE him. Until then....here are pics from our Craft Shack that we decided should be renamed to Craft Studio!

Part of my all-nighter pulled the night before leaving for Girls Camp was making those curtains. There were a hit! More pictures on Monday of me and Carla and our crafts that were a big hit at Girls Camp! I'm off to spend a wonderful weekend with my hubby. Our 15 year anniversary is Thursday. We are using this weekend to celebrate! Last night for dinner we had filet mignon, shrimp, baby lobster and scallops. YUM.

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We are having a blast. Have taken a few pictures of our Craft Shack. Having a hard time posting pics but I won't give up yet. Girls are getting here at noon today which means I get to hug my little girl soon. A little birdie told me that my little guy is missing me and sent a little note with a picture of himself with Kaia to give to me. I can't wait! Hopefully pictures to come soon.

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Well it is 5:15 am on Saturday morning and I never went to bed last night. I really just want to cry. Not how I wanted to start my week off at Girl's Camp...tired....but there was so much to do in our office and paying household bills that it really has taken me from 1:45 am until now. Wish I would have given it my attention a few days ago....problem was money hadn't come in from customers until yesterday (Friday) that we had been waiting on. So it makes it tough. Normally I would have just caught up tomorrow and Monday, but not an option this week. I'm almost through packing. Carla is going to be here at 8:45 am to pick me up. Do I go to sleep for an hour and a half or not. I'm thinking NOT. Maybe just take a good nap this afternoon on my air mattress. Besides I still have a few more bills to pay.

I was also hoping to get some posts up for this next week. I'm bringing my laptop up to camp, we will see if I can get some reception...even if we have to go for a little drive.

I hate that I'm feeling so weepy before I leave. Usually I am so excited to have a little break, but it has been so busy here that I have had to put off my kids the last few days. That makes me sad. It's my own fault though....I am the worst procrastinator. And Dave and I had a pretty good argument tonight...well last night I guess. Isn't that the way it goes though. Anyway, hopefully I don't cry on Carla the whole drive up there. I know that the tears streaming down my face right now are just because I am tired and know that I won't get that sleep back. AND I won't have my bed for a week. So I am off and I know that I will be happy again when I get some sleep and can talk to Dave when he wakes.

On a positive note, I do have Kaia all packed and ready to go. I was so afraid that she would forget something if we didn't get packed before I left. I know I will be so ready to see her come Monday! And Blake....oh how I will miss him. I think I will go cuddle with him now....while he is still sleeping.

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Not the best week for me with regards to exercising. I am in a bit of a slump. But Sierraville is calling my name next week for our church's Girls' Camp and there I will be exercising like a mad woman. There are so many opportunities and pretty mountainsides to see. Somehow I managed to drop .5 lbs, but I'm sure if I got on the scale again it might just say 143 again. I'll take the .5 though and proudly report 142.5! How's it going for you?

Also....I will continue to cross through my list below today. Did you know I added another one...uuugh? Please come back and encourage me and watch the strikeouts grow in number!

Happy Weekend. I will be gone next week, but am planning on posting some of my past favorite posts and some new pics for your viewing pleasure and for my memory keeping!

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Hot tub with hubby. (our neighbors are gone for 2 weeks and have left us the key for the pool and hot tub. We are enjoying swimming next door whenever we want!

Sew baby shower gift for next Sunday. Coming to camp with me, along with my sewing machine to do on my down time.

Grocery shop for Dave and Blake for next week. Dave said I can leave him a grocery list and he will shop on Saturday....love you!

Pick up lunch bags from Target for paper bag camp yearbooks.

Buy twin air mattress. Borrowed from mom & dad...thanks!

Buy eye hooks and wire to hang pom pom curtains on craft shack.

Start drinking Diet Coke again. (No...just kidding, I haven't worked out enough this week to splurge at all.) I did have a few sips of Dave's though.

Sew crepe paper to cover fishing wire for tissue paper pom poms.

Make-up transfers and iron on to t-shirts just purchased at Michael's with our craft logo.

Print out "create" quote from Pres. Uchtdorf to frame and hang on craft shack "You are choice daughters of our Heavenly Father, and through the things you create and by your compassionate service, you are a great power for good. You will make the world a better place. Lift up your chin; walk tall. God loves you." President Uchtdorf

It might just be an all-nighter!

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1. Print paychecks for the business. I even deposited mine!

2. Pick up frames and magnets from Michael's in Fairfield for Girl's Camp next week.

3. Return bermuda shorts at Old Navy I bought for Kaia and get new size so she has some shorts for Girl's Camp next week.

4. Finish cutting 140 of the letters "g" and "w" for our GROW banner for Girl's Camp on the Cricut.

5. Sew a black & light blue apron and get in the mail for a dear friend that has been ever so patient. Thank you Molly. It has seriously been crazy here and your apron cut and not sewn has haunted me every few days. Molly, I promise to sew first thing when I get home.

6.Sew two more aprons for Carla and I to wear at Girl's Camp next week. We are the craft leaders for all the girls. But bringing sewing machine to camp to finish ties. Saturday morning 1:22 am.

7. Pick up sheet metal squares at Home Depot for magnetic boards we will be making. thanks hunny!

8. Finish laundry. Except I have another load tomorrow.

9.Start packing my personal stuff and Kaia's personal stuff for next week along with all the craft supplies I will be bringing up from my personal stash.

10. Make a peach cobbler with the fresh peaches Gordy, our neighbor, just delivered from his garden. NOT HAPPENING....BUMMER. Maybe when I get home. Gordy said he would have more peaches in about a week and a half. Until then I will crave peach cobbler something fierce.

11. Get customer billing finished for Kennedy Construction before I leave. Still working on it at 5:15 am Saturday morning. Never went to sleep Friday night. :( had to pay household bills too before I left.

12.Sew curtains with pom poms that we will be hanging around the craft shack. Friday 10:15pm

13. Make our theme banner for our craft shack at Girl's Camp...."GROW.....CREATE.....CRAFT".

14. Make a skirt for either the wedding we are attending in a week or my 20th high school reunion that is in 2 weeks. I haven't decided what to wear for what yet....but same people will be at wedding and reunion so I don't want to completely duplicate. The yellow accessories won for the blue dress, just haven't decided if I want to wear to wedding or reunion. And I just got a pair of bronze shoes to wear with both outfits. NOT HAPPENING EITHER....I will wear the blue dress!

Too much for today? Probably, but I will figure out the strike through key here on blogger and keep you updated on what I have gotten accomplished as the day goes on! I always do well with a list that I can cross off. Maybe I should give myself two days on this list.

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I posted a little of my craftiness for a friend's daughter's first birthday on my Butterflies blog here.



Dave took Blake fishing early Saturday morning.

While they were driving to the fishing pond Blake asked his daddy if he could drive with his knee. Dave told Blake that he could drive with his knee but he prefers to drive with both hands on the wheel.

It was then that Blake did the unthinkable....he proudly told his daddy, "Mommy can drive with her knee while she is texting."

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I just crawled out of this little boy's bed. Is 7 years old still considered little? I hope so. We both still fit in his twin sized bed. I have never been known to spend time with my children once they are asleep. It has always been my alone time with hubby. "Get those kids in bed already" I often thought and even said aloud. But I find myself as they are getting older, crawling into their bed and cuddling with them and talking to them AFTER they have fallen asleep. Afraid that soon, they will be too big. Grown and gone. It sends my heart beating fast and makes me feel like I don't have much time. It scares me.

Tonight when I crawled into Blake's bed I told him how happy I was that he was swimming like a fish. Then I kissed his soft little cheek and squeezed him. He squirmed a little, but did not wake. I then went on to tell him that I loved how nice he was to Little Luke today while swimming. And how I love when he and Kaia get along and I can watch them play happily together. Then I asked him to be nicer to her. I lay there and cuddled some more. Kissing his sweet little cheeks. I dread the day those will be rough like his daddies with little hair stubble on them. Oh...I can't even let myself think about those days in the future. Instead I need to hold on to that little boy with big blue eyes that fills my heart so heavy......full of love.

Why didn't we have two more kids five years ago? A question that will haunt me forever. Even though I know the answer. Crawling into my kids' beds seem to help.

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Call me old-fashioned, but I used to type in most every blog I stalked to check to see if there were any new updates. Yup....most every single one. I could type them so fast. Sometimes I used my "favorites" tab...but mostly I just started typing up top and the drop down field would appear and I would click where I wanted to go.

With this new blog roll on my sidebar informing me of new entries, my fingers aren't sure what to do with all their time on my hands (ha...pun intended)! I have been known to check someone's blog a few different times a day....and was fine looking at the last post I had read the previous time I checked in. My fingers keep wanting to start typing www.spunky... or www.lynd.... . Now my blog roll tells me if anyone has posted anything new. I'm kind of liking it....but find myself staring at my own blog now...clicking refresh....and then checking the blog roll again! And never mind trying to tell me about "feeds" or whatever....remember, I'm still a little old-fashioned and not ready to go there yet!

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That's Kaia on the left hand side of the big wheel in green!

If you click on the picture it will enlarge.

She had a wonderful time and is still sharing stories and riddles with us.

At one point, all the men on Trek were pulled from the Companies to fight in the "Mormon Battalion". The girls were left alone to get all the handcarts up the toughest part of a very steep mountain. Just as in the day of the pioneers. Those women were left for months without the strong men in their lives. The girls worked hard together to get all nine handcarts up the mountain, one at time. Standing at the top of the mountain were all the boys lined up so quietly watching the girls struggle.

She was in a great family. Her "Ma" and "Pa" brought their 3 year old daughter with them on trek. So instead of carrying a doll with them as their baby, they actually had a three year old with them that they were responsible for. They took turns carrying her when she would get tired. Kaia took her turn carrying her. It made her feel like a real pioneer with a real family.

They did riddles while they walked. You know the kind of riddles that start with...."A man walks into a bar and orders a glass of water. The bartender pulls out a gun and points it at him. The man says, "Thank you" and walks out the door." You have to figure out what happened and why by only asking "yes" and "no" questions.

I'll let her tell the rest. She did write in her journal and is planning on writing on her blog. I will let you know when she posts her experience.

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1. Watch the first episode of Big Brother 11.

2. Watch So You Think You Can Dance.

3. Check blogs.

4. Decide that a lot of time could be saved if I switch to a blog roll.

5. Spend an hour switching over to a blog roll.

6. Eat a peach.

7. Wish really hard that I was tired because it is now 5:20 am and I have too much to do today, Saturday, to be tired.

What I should have done....worked in the home office, but that would have been boring!

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....comes home tomorrow. We sure do miss her and hope she is having a great time.

All of her belongings for Trek needed to fit in this bucket....and they did!

And this picture is just to remind me that although I am thinking of "sweet" Kaia while she is gone...."sassy" Kaia will be walking through the doors and I will love every sassy bit of her! Isn't she so cute?!

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Comment away people! Let's see how everyone is doing. My workouts have changed a little. I am only doing about 20 minutes instead of 30 and yesterday I ran for 12 minutes instead of my usual 10 minute cardio video. It felt good to be outside (even though I only ran in circles around my court....thank goodness it is a fairly big court)! I then came in and did my ab workout without the video...I pretty much have it memorized and it was fun to change up the order of exercises. I am watching a transformation of my body. Faster than usual for me. My inches lost are increasing and my weight is decreasing. I am still for the most part choosing healthy options for food and snacks and still drinking mostly water (crystal light lemonade is my afternoon treat). The muffin top is getting smaller....but why are the dimples still on my thighs? Shouldn't those be gone by now...c'mon it's been 3 weeks :)

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**Saskia's picks for accessories.....a yellow ensemble and a blue/green ensemble.....both absolutely gorgeous ideas. I'm really loving the yellow accessories. And the peacock feathers are really in now. I will have some shoes to post later in yellow, bronze and gold.**

I have purchased this dress to wear to a friend's wedding. I need a fabulous pair of shoes and a great necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring....or a mix of a few of them. I want the look to be a little eclectic...not so matchy-matchy, although I'm up to any suggestions! I'm kind of thinking yellow or green but I would love to see your accessories of choice. Please email me pictures of your suggestions and I will add them to this post as they come in. Or send me links in the comment section and I will go check them out and copy the picture here! Thanks in advance. I'm betting a few of you are accessory geniuses!

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I am writing this on the eve of sending my daughter off on a wonderful adventure. She will recreate the life and times of the pioneers. Trekking across the valleys and mountains, pulling handcarts through rocky terrain and rushing rivers. Her Ma and Pa will guide her and help her. Her siblings in her 'Pioneer family' will buoy her up and play with her. Encourage her to keep going. The family will travel in 'Companies'. Ten people to a 'family', three 'families' per 'Company', three 'Companies' on this Trek Adventure. They will cook over open fire in dutch ovens, preparing and cleaning while they rest from their day of travels. They will hike 5 miles per day....for 4 days. They will sit in the evening and read scriptures and sing around the campfire....learning about our Mormon Pioneers that went before us. All while wearing the above skirt and apron. I am excited for this adventure that she is embarking on. Excited to hear all about it on Saturday afternoon. I know it will be hard physically, but the growth spiritually will be well worth it.

We worked hard on her skirt, apron, bag and pillow. We had fun shopping for 2 hours, picking out her fabrics. Then coming home to cut and sew. Grandma Toni made her bonnet. She looks darling all dressed up. I have a picture to post later.

I have been instructed to write a letter to Kaia, encouraging her on her adventure and giving it to an adult going on Trek. Sharing my love and thoughts with her. The Pony Express will be coming through camp one evening delivering mail! It should be an exciting evening for all.

We will be up at 6:00 am tomorrow morning getting her ready to leave. I will be french braiding three other girls' hair at 6:20 am and then kissing my Pioneer Girl goodbye for four days. Anxiously awaiting her tight hug upon her safe return. She's keeping a journal on her travels. Hopefully she will share her thoughts and writings on her blog when she returns.

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