YOUR LEVEL 4 STATE VAULT CHAMPION! - video working now

Actually it is the video of all of her routines. She did a great job at States considering the nerves of competing at such a high level. She had her first fall on beam for the whole competition season and she fought hard to save it. Big bummer, but she jumps right back on the beam and picks up where she left off with a smile on her face. We talked a lot about enjoying this competition instead of being worried about scores and placement. She did just that. And, when she placed 1st on vault and jumped on top of the podium, she was thrilled! She also placed 7th on floor with a 9.125 score. She performed beautifully and we have had a fun competition run hanging out on the weekends as a family at different gymnastic venues. Congrats, Kaia! You are a beautiful performer and always a pleasure to watch (except for daddy who has to close his eyes while he videos bars and beam because he is so nervous for you)!

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  1. Whohooooo!!!! Well done Kaia. I enjoyed watching you perform. I am the current record holder at the community center for pull-ups with a grand total of...ONE...:D So I am super impressed by your mad skillz, grace and strength. Congratulations! I am impressed by how steady your hand was April, mine would have been shaking uncontrollably.

  2. Kirsty,
    Dave videos...my hands are ultra shaky and my feet super sweaty!

  3. Great job kaia! Payten really liked watching the video with me

  4. she's so cute. I love that look she gives you :) such a sweetheart.

  5. I had no idea that's how they do vault competition, now at least. :) I never competed, but I was in gymnastics during elementary school, and then continued recreationally during cheerleading. This made me so nostalgic. I know I'm late, but you tell Kaia congrats and way to go!!!

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