A whole lot of this.

Band Hero.

The whole family has been involved.
Countless hours since Christmas actually.
We have even got Dave singing as of last night!

And, a whole lot of this.

Besides baking cookies,
we have been busy making Belgian Waffles from scratch.
Egg whites beat to firm peaks is the key to the best tasting belgian waffles EVER!

Thank you, Aunt Lorraine, for the flip over waffle maker.
We are flipping out over it!

And gaining a few pounds in the next couple of weeks from it too!

And tomorrow,

Dave and I will be off to the Oakland Temple
where we will celebrate our 14th anniversary
of being sealed for time and all eternity.

We were married in July of 1994
and went to the Temple to be sealed for time and all eternity
on December 29, 1995.

We are lucky,
we have two different anniversaries
to celebrate our love for each other.

I'm looking forward to our date tomorrow!

{December 29, 1995}


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  1. Have a blessed day on your anniversary. I joined Weight Watchers today.

  2. Happy special anniversary!

    Love, Mom & Dad

  3. Happy Temple anniversary! Congratulations on 14 years. Your pictures are lovely!

  4. What fun!
    I'm going to the Temple tomorrow too. Probably at a different time...but I hope you get to enjoy your date. And I hope you all keep enjoying Band Hero. What a fun family activity!

  5. What great pictures. I wish I could get into some of these family games, but the only one I really like is Mario Brothers in Wii and MarioKart. I stink at both, but hey....at least I play. ;)

    I wish you both a wonderful time celebrating your anniversary. Thanks for sharing wedding pics. It's such a happy thing to see. Happy Tuesday!

  6. What fun pictures, and what a great way to commemorate your special anniversary.

  7. Happy seal-iversary! I love that we have two anniversaries too. It's fun to celebrate twice. Hope you enjoyed your time at the temple.

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