.....OUT with the NEW....IN with the OLD.

That's backwards, I know. But I am loving it.

Remember this post? Our new car was in the shop for over a month with brake issues in July. The brake issues are back. Squeaking, grinding, completely bothersome, not to mention a safety hazard. And, this is the car that costs us the most each month in payments.

When I was reassessing our financial obligations a couple of months ago, (remember the housekeeper and landscaper were part of the "reducing" we did in our home....we are surviving) the next big thing I wish could go away was our car payment, but it was a lease. Almost impossible to get out of a lease early without paying all sorts of early termination fees. Enter the California Lemon Law. To make a long story short, we qualified due to the lengthy stay of our car in the shop during the repairs and Mazda is re-purchasing our vehicle today and reimbursing us a hefty portion of our monthly car payments for the last year and a half. THAT WAS A HUGE PERK. I was just wanting out of the car payment and this has completely worked out in our favor. I guess part of the blessing of trying to "live within our means."

We are shopping this weekend for a used car. One that will come with no car payment. So when I say, "Out with the new, in with the old," I really mean it. I might be lost for awhile without navigation and I definitely know that my bum will miss the warming that came with the heated seats, but I am welcoming the old with fewer financial obligations.

With the changes we made in the last few months we have reduced our monthly expenses by.......$1124. Can you believe it? We changed our phone to a complete digital package with a downgrade in our cable TV services together with no housekeeper, no landscaper and no car payment we are well on our way to even more savings. Insurance and registration should go down too.

Welcome 2010! Wish us luck finding a new old car this weekend. And, here's wishing you a very happy New Year! 2010....I think it's going to be a good one. I'll share a few of my goals with you next week.

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  1. that is great. I'm glad you were able to get that figure out. good luck shopping for an "old" car. :) We've got a 97 jeep that needs a new home :)

  2. That's fantastic news April!!!

    After my ugly car accident that totalled my car we went without a car for 8 months to save money for a new old one. With a baby on the way we did not want a car payment at all! And well... me being me, wanted a very specific GMC Yukon in white with leather seats. So we were able to cash out on a 2003 White GMC Yukon with gray leather interior!!! So while it has a little more miles on it, and a little wear and tear... it's the best car I've ever owned and by owned I mean it... it's OURS! For Christmas my hubby bought a navigation off of craigslist and installed it for me! My fingers and toes are crossed that you have luck in finding the new old car of your dreams!!!

    Happy New Year and may God continue to bless you and yours!

  3. Love your blog and you motivate me on the downsizing...we are doing the same for 2010 and it feels really good!

  4. Thia is so great!! Have fun shopping!! There's nothing better than buying a car with cash,believe me I know. And thanks for the sending the giveaway out so quick, I LOVE my ring!!! Happy New Year!!
    ~Molly P

  5. Hey April!! Catching up on my blog reading this mornign ;)

    So glad you finally figured a way out of the troublsome car AND that the Lord blessed this path even more than you had expeced! Prayingyou find another blessing or surprise from the Lord in your quest for an afforadble new old car that meets your needs :)

    We too jsut went through an INTERESTING avenue for the Lord to answer one of my prayers about cars, but in the end, even though it was NOT the way I thought the Loord would address this issue, it is working out PERFECTLY!!

    Blessing to you in this New Year! <3

  6. It is always helpful to hear stories like this. I sometimes wonder what kind of car Mazda produces. I have heard some good things, but hearing bad ones makes me think twice. I don't think I'll ever leave the Honda "family" now though....loving it too much.

    I wish you luck with your new old purchase!

  7. I am so proud of you. What great things are in store for you. Blessings will abound.

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