I had a picture to post today. Really I did. I had it all set up to take before leaving this morning to take the children to school and when I came back home the 'picture perfect layout' had been cleaned up. But there is a story behind the picture.

You see I have a new infatuation. It's a Starbucks infatuation. I love flavored hot chocolates. Because I am not a coffee drinker I make up all kinds of new hot chocolate drinks at Starbucks that leave the baristas scratching their heads while trying to write my order on the cup and then them finally getting it and saying, "that sounds really really good." Um....yea it is!

So there is a new drink out. It is called a "Caramel Brulee Latte" with burnt sugar pieces topping the whipped cream in the picture. I instantly know that I want the hot chocolate version. So I order. The barista is confused....."You want chocolate added to the latte?" "No, I don't want any coffee, I want a caramel brulee non-fat hot chocolate," I say. To which she responds, "Oh I get it. That sounds really really good!" "You should try it," I say and then think....now get to work and put extra of the burnt sugar pieces on top of my whipped cream please.

A couple of weeks into this new obsession, hubby figures out that something has taken his place. That I have a new infatuation. And, so while he quizzes me about why I am so in love with this drink I tell him all about the burnt sugar pieces that really make the drink and I tell him how sad I am that I can't get Starbucks to sell me a jar of those burnt sugary 'take me to heaven' pieces. He responds all manly, "I can make you as much of those burnt sugary pieces that your heart desires." And I think, he probably can......but really....buying the jar would just be easier.

Last night I went to a little Christmas party. Upon my return home I found a blow torch, sugar and tin foil sitting on my kitchen island. What was once a slab of burnt sugar is now all broken up into little pieces of heaven waiting for my approval. Let's just say that my hubby is my new obsession once again! And, I have been licking that piece of tin foil all morning trying to get every last piece.

I was so excited to take a picture of the blow torch, the sugar and the tin foil, all left perfectly out on the counter before I left for school this morning only to come home and find that before my sweet hubby left for work.....he cleaned up his mess from last night.

Hunny, don't put that blow torch away for too long. I need more bits of heaven....stat!

{So I lied about not having a picture for you. I ended up taking a picture of what was left because the story is just too sweet to not record for posterity.}

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  1. How stinkin cute!! He's a keeper for sure! :)

    I love love love Starbuck's signature hot chocolate. I can't get enough of it!

  2. I tell you... You have the BEST husband ever!!! Does he give lessons??? Because if I ever go there agian I want mine trained by Dave!!!

  3. Since I own a "fancy" specialized coffee shop...I have to tell you that I would make you some killer hot chocolate...and...you have a very sweet husband!! Wish we could share some hot chocolate some day!

  4. That's precious! What a great hubby! It's so nice when they do something sweet and unexpected!

  5. How sweet of him to do that. But ummm....why does he have a blow torch just...HANDY like that???


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