....and how after they were finished mowing our lawns they went and surprised the neighbor by mowing his lawn? Well that neighbor is now mowning my lawn and I couldn't be more touched. He knows Dave is hurt and with the crazy winds we had last weekend, all the leaves from the whole court came to rest in our front yard. As I pulled into my driveway just today I thought, "I hope Dave is feeling better by Saturday to get some yardwork done." Now he can just rest and get well. We are blessed with good neighbors! Receiving service feels just a good as giving service.

I have been busy working on a special project for our church Christmas party coming up this Friday night. I can't wait to share. Although it is a copycat of something I saw last year...it is requiring a lot of work and I am so pleased at how it is coming together!

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  1. Glad to see you received the mow back. :) Happy Thursday, and good luck with your project! You're always working.

  2. And what was that saying - What goes around comes around? Happy day for you. Get well David!

    Love, Mom

  3. What a great blessing. And I agree it makes you want to do something nice for someone else.

  4. Love it. It does restore your faith in humanity (or increase it :) Good neighbours beget good neighbours.

  5. How super sweet! What a great neighbor to return the kind gesture!


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