**12 Days of Christmas Giveaway - Day 6 below....with winner announced!**

I am missing blogging with all this giveawaying going on. Boy that was a lot of 'ing'ing going on in that first sentence! Blake has three special people in his life that we are so grateful for. Today he will give to them his most favorite holiday treat.....Peanut Butter Balls. They are all wrapped up pretty. One for his teacher, who is absolutely one of the sweetest people on earth. Really, she is that sweet and so tender with Blake even though Blake has tried to wrestle her to the ground during a morning getaway a time or two. Just last week I turned around while going to get in my car and saw Blake chasing after me, with Mrs. E chasing after him. I tried not to laugh. And then I told Blake, "Never to do that to Mrs. E ever again. Imagine how scared she probably was." She is a petite woman and although looks to be in really good shape, I think Blake could run way faster than she could. She was glad I was still there to stop him. So she deserves these peanut butter balls, Blake's very favorite dessert.

The second batch is for Mrs. S, who works on campus and has become Blake's morning muscle....I mean morning buddy. She meets Blake in the classroom just as I say good-bye to help him get to his seat and off to do his morning job (turning on all the computers for the school), a job that is helping him say good-bye easier in the morning. She is also the muscle involved when morning good-byes go bad. Blake absolutely adores and loves Mrs. S. and we love and adore her and her muscles too!

And the third package is going to Terry, his aid at school. Terry is someone that Blake goes to whenever he has a cathing/changing need. He knows which classroom she is in and he goes as needed. With Terry, it has allowed him to feel some Independence at school with his special needs. She chats with him and they laugh all while doing the dirty changing deeds. Without skipping a beat, Blake and Terry chat through the whole process making it so comfortable for Blake, and for that we are truly grateful. She has a dirty job some days (well dirty when it's not your kid) and she is always happy to care for Blake.

In other Christmas news, we DO NOT have our Christmas Tree yet. I'm not sure where the times has gone. And, every evening we have great intentions and then something else comes up. This weekend! This weekend it has to happen. Although Dave and I have joked about just not messing with one this year. The kids freaked out about where their presents would go and we laughed and said we go do without those too. Just Kidding! Tree trimming it will be this weekend, as well as family carolling in the open trailer around Napa and gingerbread house making. Oh and Giveaways....more giveaways.

And stay tuned on Sunday for a little video I worked hard on to remind us all the reason for the season!

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  1. Cute boxes, where did you get them? Did our card make it to your house?

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  3. I love Santa.
    I love presents.
    I love giving.
    I love mommy.
    I love daddy.
    I love my doggy.
    I mostly love getting presents.
    Love Me,

  4. I miss you blogging too.... And, I would love the recipe for the peannut butter balls. They sound yummy.

  5. How gracious of you to consider the people who make his days go smoother. We try hard to let our boys' teachers know we appreciate them, but I might need to go a step further in the future and work at getting gifts. I would love to be pro-active enough around the holidays to get all the gifts I want for EVERYONE...instead of being pressed for time each and every year.


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