It is Monday. A school day. 12:15 pm. Kids are home playing Sorry. We had pancakes for lunch. Still in pj's....all of us....with curtains drawn. No one is sick. It feels good.

Yesterday Kaia had a big gymnastics meet. State Championships. She took 1st place on Vault!Video to come later today. We got home late last night and this morning it just felt right to let the kids sleep until they woke. I had every intention of bringing them to school today after they woke, but when I heard them sneak into Kaia's room around 9:30 am and crawl into her bed and giggle and talk I decided we would just stay home today. I even crawled back into bed. The only thing on my to-do list now is grocery shopping. Everything else was thrown out the window when I didn't open the blinds to say we were welcoming the day today.

I believe these are the kind of days that my kids will actually remember when they get older.....the day mommy let them stay home from school to play together when neither of them were sick....not the morning I should have dragged them out of bed after a late night, yelling at them to move faster and rushing them out the door to go to school.

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  1. Okay.....you make my husband sound so good right now. He took the boys out of school (technically only the eldest was IN SCHOOL...the other was in daycare) and snuck them off to a ball game last Spring. :) I was balking....of course, they didn't stay up late the night before winning anything.

  2. You are a great mom! What a fantastic idea.


    My vote is...GREAT MOM!! Sometimes you just have to toss the rules out the window and live in the moment.

  4. sounds like the perfect day! I'm going to file this one away when mine are in school and just need a day at home...

  5. You are an awesome mom! :) And that pillow on your couch is super cute!

  6. Lazy Mom or good Mom? I say neither. It's more like GREAT Mom! And pancakes for lunch...now that's just wonderful!

  7. I think that there are just moments when things like this are so special. Maybe one of these days when mine begs to just stay home with me I'll say sure!

  8. Good mom, definitely. I loved it when my mom let me stay home for no reason at all.

    Thanks for your sweet comments!

    Can't wait to read your supermom post.



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