As of yesterday, we still didn't have a Christmas tree. We usually buy our tree the first weekend in December. December got away from us this year. When I drove through town yesterday I noticed that ALL of the Christmas tree lots had closed up after this last weekend. I called my sister and said, "I don't whether I should laugh or cry....we still don't have a tree and the lots are gone." Later, while visiting at the Seiberts' home with a fun family visiting from out of town, I mentioned that we still don't have a tree and I wasn't sure we were actually going to get one. Mr. Seibert volunteered a tree from their backyard. He said, "take any one of those....seriously." We had already decided that we were going to end up with a charlie brown tree having waited so long to buy one, that I took one look at the group of trees and said, "SOLD! We will be here tonight to cut one down."

We showed up as a family to "The Seibert Christmas Tree Backyard Farm" and Tree Farmer Paul met us with shorts and rainboots on and chainsaw in hand.....complete proper attire for walking a family out to see the trees to choose from. We had a choice of 8 trees....and we picked number 4 after much discussion! Here is the story in pictures.

Uncle Richie came for moral support!

Tree Farmer Paul in proper attire cutting our tree down to size!

The tree is being trimmed as I type! Lights and the lightest of ornaments. It is a flimsy tree!

And this is Zoe, our "and a dog" part of 4 Kennedys and a Dog. She doesn't get much posting time, but isn't she sooo cute. We got her 4 Christmases ago.

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  1. I cannot get over the boots with shorts... only in California!!! I just love those Seiberts! Kaitlin keeps asking if Santa is going to get us a white puppy for Christmas. When I answer with, "probably not..." she responds, "But Santa got April one!" Thank you. Haaahaaa!!!

  2. LOVE the tree! By the time you get done with it, it will be absolutely beautiful.

  3. They saved the day!!!
    What a great tree!

  4. the tree is awesome. Isn't paul the best? He has been my family's home teacher ever since I can remember.

  5. What a blessing to have such great friends. Don't you feel so lucky? This will be the best tree ever. Lots of love to you this Christmas.

  6. Ah I know the Seiberts, such nice people. Yea for them saving the day :). I bet you'll make that tree look great. Merry Christmas!

  7. What a fun Christmas tree story to have! And Zoe is adorable....absolutely. I think I might be becoming a dog person....ewwwy. Weird. :)


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