....to work in the office. You know....my real job! Kennedy Construction hasn't looked this good in a long time. Catching up feels so good. I can actually see the top of the desk and the pile of to-do's is getting smaller.

....to take care of a sick child. Blake has had a cough and our no-coughing school policy this winter season has kept him home the last two days. Plus he had a bad cavity filling done yesterday at the dentist office that had him screaming and thrashing in pain last night when the numbness wore off. Two hours of it. The decay was to the nerve. He finally fell asleep in my arms last night. He just wanted his tooth to go to sleep again. He woke this morning and let us all know his tooth felt awesome. Thank goodness.

....to prepare for a new church calling. Otherwise known as job or responsiblity at church. We have no paid clergy in the Mormon religion. Our Bishop calls us into his office after much prayer and inspiration received and asks us to do a certain job to help teach and inspire each Sunday. Let's just say that I cried much while in his office a few weeks ago saying that I am not qualified. He assured me that it was where the Lord wanted me to be and where he knew I was suppose to be. I am scared to death, but I do believe that where the Lord calls the Lord qualifies. I am begging for His support and guidance for this new responsiblity and looking forward to my own growth spiritually. It should also cure my bad habit of procrastination as there is no room for that in this new job. And for all you Mormons, please don't try to guess it or ask! I will announce it next week and probably be talking all about it in a post or two!!

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  1. Can't wait to hear what it is....YW?? RS???? Primary???
    It's always fun to get a new Bishop and the whole ward gets turned upside down!

  2. It's like you read my mind.... before the post was even over, I was trying to guess what you're doing! I will wait patiently unti you let us all know what it is. However, should the mood strike to spill the beans, call me first :)

  3. Congrats to Kennedy Construction!!!!

    Big hugs to Blake! I just had a filling done and had the WORST freak out from it. Like shaking and tears and cold sweats. Didn't hurt... but panic can be a jerk. So glad your baby isn't hurting anymore!

  4. A new calling.... and it made you cry? There's two callings that would make me cry... I'm guessing it is one of those.

  5. Good luck with whatever it is, I'm sure you'll do great.

  6. Poor Blake... rotten luck to have such a deep cavity :( I'm glad it felt better yesterday.

    I hope your preparation for your new calling is going well... Keep positive and believe in yourself - we all do!


  7. I'm so sorry to hear that Blake was in pain. That really sucks. :( If they had a no coughing policy at our school, we'd be screwed. That's how my boys exhibit asthma, not illness, usually. They'd have to be home-schooled. They cough nearly everyday, all seasons.

    I really can't wait to hear what your new job responsibilities are. As my Catholic friend says, "He doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called." I don't know what that means for ME since I don't get called or equipped (LOL), but hey....for those who deserve it...run with it! :)


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