Update on Blake......he is loving school. Saying good-bye with no problems. Practically acing his spelling tests each week and accelerating in math. Just last night he said he wanted to practice reading more so he could start reading chapter books. Big ambitions for such a 1st grader! It helps that he was awarded a prize from the principal. A pencil with a note that read, "Blake Kennedy.....For improvement in class with first grade level responsibilities." I love that the school is being so supportive and 'in-tune' with all his little needs. It really was a sweet thing that principal did for him and it makes my heart smile every time I think about it.

Happy Friday my friends!

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  1. And encouragement from THE principal is a great feeling for Blake, I'm sure! :) I'm happy to hear that things are going so well - it's got to be a relief to you to know he's enjoying himself and starting to really excel.

    I hope you have kleenex packed to tuck under your pits and put in your shoes during the competition this weekend!

  2. Go Blake!! That is AWESOME!!!

    On a similar note, Nathaniel performed fro the first time with the school chior today!! You will have to check out the video that I am uploading :)

    Hugs to all of you!

  3. That's wonderful April! I hope Blake continues to be encouraged, to enjoy it and to grow (:


  4. So sweet!!! Blake is such a great kid!

  5. Bummed... the 4th grade is full. Working on a intra district transfer... uggg! otherwise they will send her to salvador:( Not a happy mama!


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