I just watched Kaia walk over to her babysitting appointment. I peeked through the shutters in the kitchen and watched her walk all the way up to the front door, knock and go inside. She looked big. Too big to be my Kaia. She was cautious as she walked....a car was pulling into the court. She paused to see what driveway the car was going to pull into and then proceeded when it was safe. I started to cry. When did she get so big? Why was I tearing up as I watched her walk across the street? How do you let go when they go off to college? Will my home feel empty when my two are grown and gone? Why did we only have two?

I want to remember these moments. Moments when I watched my children grow. Watched them learn to share, to play, to make friends, to choose the right, to grow in independence. Watched them walk to their first babysitting appointment while smiling and crying knowing that she will do everything she is supposed to do there tonight.

We talked about her responsibilities while she is there. To feed the children dinner that was going to be provided for them to eat. And then to remember to put leftovers in the fridge and clean up the kitchen. To get the kids to help unload the dishwasher if the dishes were clean so she could load the dirty dishes and leave a clean house. To play with the kids and to make sure each felt included. To help with homework if necessary and to make sure to ask what the house rules where before the adult left. She left her cell phone home. I am proud of her. "No distractions," we talked about.

I wish they could forever stay 12 and 7 years old. Please........

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  1. Very sweet and heartfelt. Unfortunately it does not get easier. Josh is off to college next year and I am at a loss for words as to how quickly our time went with him. Being a mom is HARD!

  2. Tell me about it. Steph reminds me every day that my time with her is short if she goes away to school. Not too fond of growing up.

  3. I was thinking of all her candy you could go through while she was gone. That's what I used to do to you. Sooo, she's on her way to finding out what it's like in the big world when you make money. She can pay her very own tithing. She can bank half and spend half. That was the rule in Molly Lann's house. It should have been our rule too. But alas, we just enjoyed every penny at some store. :o) Congrats Kaia. Maybe you should be a guest blogger here tomorrow and tell us what it felt like to be "all grown up."

    Love, Mom/Grandma

  4. A very moving, beautiful post.

    In my first ever job - on the deli counter in my local supermarket - I asked my mum to come and see me! I was excited for her to see me working and dressed in my new uniform. She came to the counter and didn't recognise me! She later told me that she was looking for a little girl, not a young lady.

    Saskia xx

  5. It's exciting to raise a responsible young woman.
    Yea for Kaia!

  6. *crying*
    I am not looking forward to my baby getting big! I want him to stay my little man forever.

  7. just folllowed Design Mom's link to your blog and find myself crying after reading this post. You are a lovely writer. I'm enjoying your blog.


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