Some of my random thoughts around this Thanksgiving......

::Hubby decided that we should start the Thanksgiving holiday with a movie night, complete with popcorn since the kids could stay up late since there was no school today. We went to Target early last night and bought a movie and popcorn. Came home, cuddled on the couch together and enjoyed lots of laughs. The only problem....neither of us checked the rating on the movie Four Christmases. It was PG-13. Most of the PG-13 inappropriate went over Blake's head and we were covering Kaia's eyes and ears at times. The inappropriate was mostly in the beginning then it cleaned right up and got darn right funny but hubby still whispered in my ear towards the end of the movie that this one should disappear after tonight. I smiled at his sweetness and agreed. Does anyone want Four Christmases? I will mail it to you! Even though daddy deemed it a 'stay up late night', we were all in bed by 9:00 pm.

I am thankful for his impromptu family movie night and for the wonderful husband and father that he is.

::Kaia has a shopping list for today. She wants to make a chocolate mousse torte recipe from the Vanilla Wafers box that she and daddy picked up last night while shopping for movie night. She and I have also talked about her learning to cook one night a week with me. Her first recipe.....our homemade pizza dough. I told Dave that her roommates will love her in college when she shows up with a Kitchen-Aid mixer and makes them all pizza on Friday nights. So will the boys....I added and then told hubby it will probably get her married off early. Daddy decided that the mixer will stay at home!

I am thankful that her grandma Toni taught her to follow a recipe and that I have a desire to follow-up on it and teach her to cook family dinners.

::You are reading the blog of the new GOSPEL DOCTRINE teacher at our church. My new calling. I am overwhelmed, intimated and down right shaking in my cute patent leather black boots! Most Mormons say that is the one calling they would never want. The calling is to prepare and teach the general adult sunday school lesson each week. There are a lot of smarty pants in that classroom and for me it is a daunting class but I survived the first lesson last week. Hopefully each week will get easier or at least more comfortable. I cry every time I really think about what I have to do. Really....I cry. And I haven't had anything to blog about lately because ALL I can think about is my lesson preparation. I did receive a beautiful blessing and promise from my Bishop when I was called to this job and I am already seeing them fulfilled in my life.

I am thankful for this opportunity that will draw me closer to my Heavenly Father as I plead for his guidance and spirit while preparing and teaching.

::My children have their Christmas lists complete. A WANT, NEED, WEAR, and READ all picked out. I should be done shopping for them next week.

I am thankful for our simplified Christmases the past couple of years. They just feel a little more special.

::I am enjoying miniature chocolate and powdered donuts while I am blogging this morning. Remember we started Thanksgiving holiday. No school today which means fun breakfast...usually sugar cereal but the kids picked donuts last night and I happily said, "YES"!

I am thankful for food to feed our hungry bellies and the feast that will be shared tomorrow with family.

I think I just might continue with these random thanksgiving thoughts the next few days. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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  1. Oh this Mormon will trade you YW Pres for GD teacher! I am sure you will be great and hit your stride very soon. It is good to have a calling that stretches us, even though the stretching doesn't always feel that good ;)

    Your list was lovely. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. It does in fact hurt sometimes when the Lord stretches you out a bit. Good for you, I know you will be great after you get your feet under you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be blessed.

  3. Oh i want it-- 4 christmases! Well, at least to watch once. If someone else wants it at least let me watch it this weekend while I am in napa. :)

    I heard you are coming over to get your hair done soon!?

  4. I was just thinking I wanted the kids to write out their lists for xmas this weekend, and I love your idea of want/need/wear/read. I think I'll follow suit. :)

    I loved the random Thanksgiving thoughts. Good luck in the kitchen with Kaia. That should be fun for you both.

  5. oh no! I really do say that is the one calling I would never want. I am sure you'll do so well though. you're a real smarty pants yourself and you have a great knack for making people interested in what you're saying. Good Luck with that and enjoy your thanksgiving holiday. We're flying out tonight to be in Monterey for the weekend.

  6. Happy thanksgiving April to you and all your family. I hope you're having a lovely day.

    Congratulations on your new calling - what an opportunity!

    Saskia xx

  7. Great post, April! Sounds like you guys had a great family night. I loved Four Christmases but know it's probably not child appropriate. I'm a sucker for Christmas movies!

  8. We rented the same movie, had to keep the kids upstairs and make it a Parents Only movie night. Funny, but not kid friendly....lol. Love reading all your thanksgiving notes.

  9. Too funny...we watched that this weekend while Caroline was away!

  10. I still haven't seen 4 christmases and I can't wait to. Thanks for the warning because I thought it was a family comedy.

    All my kids love to cook/bake and we spend a lot of time in the kitchen together. I think some of our best converstaions have been over a mixing bowl. Craig is almost 18 and will soon be joining the Army (I have mixed feelings on this one) but at least no matter what he does I know he can cook, clean and do his laundry!

    CONGRATS on the being the new Gospel Doctrine teacher. I have a feeling you will be wonderful at this. Your students are blessed to have you!


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