Every once in awhile I almost forget that Blake has Spina Bifida. Almost. Today he is home with me. His tummy is hurting. Really hurting. It started last night. Him doubled-over in pain. Dave and I started talking about diaper changing stats thru the week and figured out between the both of us that he hasn't pooped in a week. Poor guy. I had just figured Dave had gotten those diapers, and he had figured I had. Go figure. I can't believe we hadn't even talked about it. It is usually dinner time conversation around here. Well not really at dinner time, but usually talked about often....his stats. Neither of us brought it up for fear that if I said, "I haven't gotten a poopy diaper all week" it would surely be my turn for the whole next week and vice versa!

Wish me luck today. It is going to be a crappy day! But at least I get to spend it with my most favorite little boy in the whole wide world.

October was Spina Bifida Awareness Month. I missed the opportunity to do my part in educating about Spina Bifida on my blog. So here it goes in a nut shell....if you are pregnant or more importantly planning on getting pregnant, please be sure to take your folic acid which helps prevent nueral tube birth defects like Spina Bifida.
Last year I posted about Spina Bifida in October. Funny ones can be found here and here. An informative one here, a sweet short one here and Blake's birth story here.
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  1. Quality time, no matter how it comes, can be therapeutic for him. :) I plan on visiting these links throughout my afternoon. Thanks for taking the time to link to old stuff....especially informative "stuff". Have a good Monday taking care of your boy.

  2. On man.. I feel for you!! I *hate* it when that happens!! But I have to share this funny with you...

    Nat is laying here with me... He just said "Oh there's Blake!! How is he?" I told him that Blake forgot to have a BM for a fews days and he siad "Oh man that is the WORST when that happens.... hope he gets ot play computer games when he gets his enema." I thought that was SO FUNNY!!

    When we had a bunch of people changing Nat we used to do hair bands on the wrist. We all carried covered hair rubber bands in our pocket, and when Nat had a BM he got to choose which color he wanted to wear on his wrist... then at the end of the day I could "chart" it so I had a record...

  3. You are awesome ...you both are..and then you all are! I love reading your blogs--thanks!

  4. aw...hope he's feeling better soon and you guys get some good quality time together....hugs


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