On the right hand side of my blog! Mani's vs. Pedi's in this tough economy. I prefer to keep my nails short and sweet. I type faster. They always look clean and polished and no uneven lengths! No manicures for me. No acrylics fills for me. No every two weeks to the nail salon for me. My toes on the other hand, I just can't keep them looking sweet on their own. A pedicure is necessary but I usually can go about 2 months in between. Trick......I bring my own polish with me so that I can do touch ups in the interim at home to save money.

*Just to clarify....I only get pedicures during flip flop season. Winter months call for Uggs during the day and tights on Sundays!

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  1. Unfortunately I'm doing both manis and pedis myself... I just can't afford to go to the salon :( Why it is so difficult for me to get a smooth application of nailpolish on I don't know!!


  2. My mom gave me a simple mani-pedi kit. I don't know how much it cost, but I can do my own at home and they look darn good! I love the tip about using your own polish. I only get a professional pedi a couple times a year, and it is a real treat!

    I think of all the things that are mainstream for the average American woman these days, things my mother never ever did, like getting a pedi (I even did my own nails for my wedding), a massage, going on a cruise, there are probably more.... anyhow, my point is that I think I would benefit from being satisfied with less. I would appreciate luxuries for what they are, and would also be more happy with every-day things. That's just my H.O.!

  3. I've had about three of each my entire life. :) Once for my wedding, and once after each baby, gift from the Hubs. I used to keep my fingernails painted on my own, but frankly...there isn't enough time in the day/night to let them dry without screwing them up...so it doesn't happen.

  4. Mani and Pedi's are reserved for a couple times in the summer. I usually wait for a gift certificate from one of my kids at Mother's Day. A little old lady friend of mine always sends me $45 for my birthday and I ALWAYS spend it at the nail salon. A real treat and she loves my report back to her.


  5. Just to clarify....I only have pedi's during flip flop season. Winter months call for uggs during the day and tights on Sunday!

  6. I'm skimping big time now that we've tightened our belts. I always had mani/pedi's up until the whole economy flipped upside down. Well not ALLLLLLLWAYS {I swear I'm not a spoiled brat}. But I had my nails and toes done. I went through spots where I had acrylics. But now... nails are kept short and always even. Toes I paint myself after I put the baby down for the night.

  7. Thankfully, I have always done my own so that hasn't changed much. I also love having a nail night with hte girls and teaching them to do their own too! I am all for spoiling yourself, but think that we pay for way too much that we could ourselves in this society!!


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